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One benefit of membership in the Carmel Residents Association is the CRA News, which is published and mailed to members monthly, except for the summer months and December. Summer events are publicized through mailed flyers, the Telephone Committee and this Web site.

The newsletter covers timely issues, an editorial, CRA activities and other local events. In addition, there are feature articles with topics including Carmel history, CRA member profiles, and safety tips. The CRA News Team is listed below.

Newsletters for 1999 through 2009 are archived as web pages. Starting with January 2010, newsletters are archived as pdf files, which will appear in a new browser window. (Note: pdf files require the Adobe Acrobat reader, which can be downloaded free from the Adobe web site.)

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   CRA News September-October 2013
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   CRA News September-October 2012
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CRA News Team:  
Roberta Miller  Programs
Kathleen and Barry Swift  Dines Out  
Guest writers Editorials  
Barbara Livingston President's Message, Favorite Places, Spotlight on Members  
Tom Parks   Village Profiles
Richard Flower   Old Carmel 
CRA News Team City Watch
Betty Dalsemer and James Emery Content Review
Mary Condry Proof Reader
Bonny McGowan   Design & Production
Diane and Fred Siegel Post Office Distribution
Kelly Steele Illustrations
Sarah McGowan   Copy Editor
Dick Dalsemer CRA E-mail Manager

Carmel Residents Association
P.O. Box 13
Carmel, CA 93921
Phone: 831-626-1610
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