On Tuesday, July 3, the city council will be discussing the beach fire management pilot program at the council’s 4:30 p.m. monthly meeting at city hall.

City staff recommend that the pilot program be continued for a bit over two years, ending November 20, 2018. There would probably be no changes to the current program of nine smoke-less (not smoke-free) fire pits on Carmel Beach south of 10th Avenue. The council will take up whether, and if, there will be modifications.

Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting to express their points of view as to whether or not they feel the beach fire pilot program should continue. At the last two meetings, only Carmel-by-the-Sea residents have spoken before the council on the subject, and they have all voiced strong disapproval of the continuation of the program, which continues to emit harmful particulate matter in wood smoke. Many who reside south of 10th Avenue, where the beach fire cauldrons are located, are expected to again voice their concerns about the toxic wood smoke that has been drifting around, and reportedly into, their homes.

Footnote: The beach fire pilot program has been moved up to no. 4 on the council meeting agenda, as consideration of the police station renovation and expansion plans has been pulled from this month’s agenda due to requests from the forest and beach commission and the planning commission that that the police station plans be modified.