As Seen in the October 1 VOICE

The CRA is providing compostable 4 gallon “Bio Bags” to be used for collecting your compostable table scraps.  These bags can be picked-up at Carmel City Hall, in the Park Branch Library’s Book Shrine or Barbara Livingston’s “Green Garden” driveway at the NW corner of San Carlos and 13th. Please take only what you need for this program. Scrape your plates, including nut shells and bones, in the bag and store it in your refrigerator until the bag is full. Once it is full, drop the bag in the yellow bin at the Thursday Farmer’s Market or the driveway on left side of City Hall. It will go through a process that heats it to over 350 degrees, producing methane gas that powers our wastewater treatment plant and a waste product that is used as compost product component.  How cool is that! You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll collect and see how our 680 CRA Carmelites can help our community achieve our recycling goals.  If you want to buy your own bags you can get them here: