Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Carmel Residents Association?

The Carmel Residents Association, widely known as the CRA, is a nonprofit 501c(4) corporation in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, USA, composed of residents of the city of Carmel-by-the-Sea and its surrounds (Carmel Woods, Hatton Fields, Mission Fields, Mission Tract, Carmel Point and Carmel Hills) who pay modest yearly membership dues.

How long has the CRA been in existence?

Since 1987.

How many members belong to the CRA?

Nearly 500.

Who is eligible to join the CRA, and how does one become a member?

Members are full- or part-time residents of Carmel-by-the-Sea and its nearby sphere of influence. To become a member and learn about the several layers of support, please visit the Join CRA page. If you have questions, please contact us.

What does the CRA do?

The CRA champions good government; encourages mindful commercial and residential development consistent with Carmel’s residential, small-town character; promotes protection of our natural environment; sponsors social events; produces a public speakers series; sponsors an election-year candidates forum; and advocates accountability and transparency in city government and relations between residents, government and business.

Are CRA activities open to the public?

Many are. Some, such as our annual members meeting, summer outdoor barbeque, CRA Dines Out!  restaurant dinners, and annual holiday party, are limited to members and their invited guests.

How often do members meet and socialize with other members?

The activities mentioned above all offer opportunities to meet other members, and our bimonthly meetings on timely topics also include time to socialize with some wine.

Does the CRA endorse political candidates or sponsor candidates for public office?

Sometimes. The CRA can, and has, endorsed or sponsored candidates for public office, and taken positions on ballot measures, when the CRA Board of Directors chooses to do so.

Is the CRA associated with an organized political party?

No. The association is non-partisan.

How is the CRA itself governed?

The organization is led by a 15-member board of directors elected by the members. The board, in turn, is led by four elected officers: president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. Board members serve three-year terms.

How do members keep up with CRA activities and local issues?

  • We publish a six-times-a year, bimonthly newsletter, The Voice, available on paper and online
  • frequently update our web site;
  • email timely e-blasts to members
  • make announcements and hold conversations with those who attend our events

How do people get in touch with the CRA?

Please see our Contact & Info page.