Old Carmel Extras

By Doug Schmitz

Doug Schmitz is CRA's history buff who loves to hang with Katie O'Connell at the Park Branch history room. If you haven't been there, do yourself a favor and go check it out. In what used to be the bank vault of the Crocker Bank branch at the corner of Mission and 5th, are treasures from times past in our beloved "Village in the Forest".

Each month, Doug picks out an interesting story from Old Carmel, researches it and then crafts a one page article that includes a picture of a famous character that was associated with Carmel in some way. But, many of you didn't see the previous articles he wrote and, even if you did, with time they fade away. On this page we will bring those stories back to life. We will be adding more over time so come back and learn about the history of our area.