Dear CRA Volunteer,

Thank you for volunteering to assist those in need in the Village. We have updated your CRA Village Engagement System profile to indicate your interest in helping out going forward.

In the short-term, during this crisis time we are coordinating with Jeff Baron and Jan Reimers. They are working to efficiently support vulnerable members of our community by establishing a communication support organization and leveraging existing agencies, organizations and infrastructure. Hopefully, this will eliminate duplicate efforts.

Whether you signed up directly with Jeff Baron or through the CRA, your contact information is with Jeff and his team now. They will be reaching out to you if they need your help.

After this situation calms down we will be organizing our CRA volunteers to assist the City and individuals in various ways and will be communicating with you about these future efforts.

Thanks again. We are proud of your commitment and willingness to help. 

If you have any questions or comments you can reach out to us by emailing [email protected].  

Your Carmel Residents Association Village Engagement Team 

Carmel Residents Association