Dear Neighbor,

Sorry for another email today but we are working hard, along with Visit Carmel and the Chamber to help our VIP restaurant friends in the Village. Our local businesses are being severely tested right now but none more than the restaurants. Many have closed completely, and the rest are operating on a barebones basis.

We have posted a list of the restaurants that are operating on a To-Go basis on our website. Some of our CRA members have reported that they have had wonderful meals from them over the last few days. Great food and large portions! Since they are operating with a very small staff please call back if they don't answer on your first call. Ask them about home delivery if you can't make it out for curbside pickup.

Here are a few of their very attractive offers:

  • Kenny at Flaherty's and Village Corner has been instrumental in communicating the challenges their industry faces. Village Corner has some of the best sandwiches in the Village (try their fried chicken sandwhich or Reuben) and, of course, Flaherty's is a great place to get a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes. Kenny will provide a surprise offer for each order if you mention this email! Call: 831-625-1500

  • Pepe has a special To-Go menu at Vesuvio which features prices that are 30% off! He also has a Buy One Get One special on his private label wines located by the front door. One member loved their incredible ribs and artichoke appetizers last night! Please plan to pick up your order BEFORE 7 pm. Call: 831-625-1766

  • Denis has 25% off To-Go orders at Basil from 5 – 9 pm. Call: 831-626-8226
  • Gabe at Pescadero has 20% discount for everyone. Call: 831-624-7400
  • Sara at Cultura has been a strong supporter of the CRA VIP program. Their team has developed a creative offer designed to deliver healthy portions of their great food and some hard-to-find staples once a week for 4 weeks while also helping their staff that is currently out of work. 50 people need to take the offer in the next 48 hours for the program to get started next week. It’s a long description but please take some time to consider it. Click here to view it. Lets try to make this happen for them! 
These businesses, along with many others, have been very supportive of the Carmel Residents Association and our growing VIP Program. If each of our members gets a To-Go order for lunch or dinner a few times a week it can mean hundreds of meals a week and the difference between surviving or not.
PLEASE, times like this require bold action so please make the effort to get some great meals the next few weeks. It may mean the difference between their businesses surviving or not.
Thanks for your support,
Your Carmel Residents Association VIP Team





Carmel Residents Association