5th & Dolores SW Corner (aka Ulrika Plaza) Project Continues

City Public Meetings on these TWO Projects

5th & Dolores Project Plans were OK'd at the Planning Commission on August 9th. This agenda item staff report is HERE.  The YouTube video is HERE at the 10 minute mark.  A 3D Video of the 5th and Dolores Project is available here https://www.esperanzacarmel.com/projects/ulrika-plaza-project/

7th & Dolores Project that requests removal of the south wall of the Annex were OK'd at the Historic Resources Board on July 17th.  This HRB decision was revisited at the City Council on Sept 12th.  At the Oct 3rd City Council will vote on the Resolution requiring retention of the Wall.

Update as of May 31st - New Plans Submitted for both 5th & Dolores and the 7th & Dolores Plans - both project are to be developed by Esperanza Carmel.

 “The Pit” (Ulrika Plaza or 5th and Dolores) – expects these newly submitted plans to go before the AUGUST Planning Commission Meeting for final approval.  Public comments welcome now (email [email protected])
May 31, 2023 revision (project plans) – Formal Submittal – Update to May 16th plans
    May 16, 2023 submittal (project plans) - Formal Submittal
    May 16, 2023 submittal (materials & finishes) – Formal Submittal

 “Seventh & Dolores” (officially the JB Pastor Bldg) has submitted new plans that will go before the JULY Historic Resources Board (HRB) Meeting for their review. (note these plans supports keeping the “community room” in place).  After the HRB, contingent on findings, will then go before the Planning Commission for their approval. 
May 11, 2023 submittal (project plans) – Formal Submittal
May 11, 2023 submittal (project renderings) – Formal Submittal

Villagers and more are anxious to see this project move ahead. (also politically incorrect, called "The Pit")

Review of the newest plans were targeted for a June Planning Commission meeting. Visit the City meetings page for details as the date gets closer to participate online or in person. 

The most recent plans are as follows:

December 14, 2022 submittal (project plans) - Formal Submittal
December 14 2022 submittal (materials & finishes) – Formal Submittal

Prior submissions are available here:

July 21, 2022 resubmittal - Conceptual Plans
September 22, 2022 resubmittal - Conceptual Plans

More development and developer information is also available at https://www.esperanzacarmel.com/projects/ulrika-plaza-project/