5th & Dolores SW Corner (aka Ulrika Plaza) Project Continues

Villagers and more are anxious to see this project move ahead. (also politically incorrect, called "The Pit")

Review of the newest plans are targeted for a June Planning Commission meeting. Visit the City meetings page for details as the date gets closer to participate online or in person. 

The most recent plans are as follows:

December 14, 2022 submittal (project plans) - Formal Submittal
December 14 2022 submittal (materials & finishes) – Formal Submittal

Prior submissions are available here:

July 21, 2022 resubmittal - Conceptual Plans
September 22, 2022 resubmittal - Conceptual Plans

More development and developer information is also available at https://www.esperanzacarmel.com/projects/ulrika-plaza-project/