CRA Board Formally Encourages City Legal Staff to Stop Pacaso
TimeShares (and so called "CoOwnerships")

from sneaking in the back door of Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Update as of Dec 1 2022 - The City Council First Reading of the Updated Ordinance targeted for January, however was postponed to a future City Council date.  

Update as of Oct 12 2022 Planning Commission Meeting

  • HERE is the staff report as prepared for this meeting, with proposed updates to clarify today's ordinances to align with State Laws. These corrections were OK'd by the Commission.  The next step is these ordinance updates will go before City Council for first and second reading, prior to implementation.  The Commission also made an additional request to go to City Council to re-open exploration of fit and conditions for future Timeshares in our Village, based on input by Commission and Public comments received in this meeting. 

Two recent updates as of mid Summer 2022.

  • Monterey County, as now followed the lead of Carmel-by-the-Sea issuing their own Cease and Desist Letter dated late June, that can be found HERE.
  • And Carmel-by-the-Sea is actively seeking compliance to our NO TIMESHARES with added staff and new software tools that identifies suspect, then confirming non-compliance with our regulations, ultimately issuing fines.  As of late July in this year to date, the Planning and Building Department staff has identified 20 Cases, where in the prior full year only 11 Cases were pursued.  Reach out to this city compliance team HERE.
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As you may know, Carmel has a No Timeshare Zoning/Ordinance, that many cities, towns and villages have copied, and has been defended and case won in Federal Supreme Courts, as was unsuccessfully contested by the realtor lobbies. Our Ordinance can be found HERE.

Your CRA Board at a recent City Council meeting expressed our strong support for keeping the pressure on preventing the Pacaso model in Carmel-by-the-Sea.   They/Pacaso claim that they are not a timeshare, but your CRA Board and our City Leadership disagree firmly.

More information on this legal effort follows: the Cease and Desist Letter from our Carmel to Pacaso HERE

  • the standard (or boilerplate) reply received from Pacaso. HERE
  • our relevant Zoning Code/Ordinance #17.28.010 on Time Shares can be found HERE
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