Keeping Carmel Beautiful

Carmel Cares Creates Volunteer Programs to Help Keep Carmel Beautiful

   Tag Team, Tree Tender, Median Minders, Pickup Posse and more

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Tag Team - Removing Graffiti in our Village

Have you seen graffiti in our Village?

Please report unwelcome and unsightly stickers and graffiti by email to including a picture, its location & date found. 

This Tag Team records it & has a goal of starting the removal within 24 hours of discovery. This team works directly with and in partnership with our Carmel Police and Public Works.  Help this “Tag Team” keep Carmel-by-the-Sea beautiful.

Tree Tender 

Signup to care for seedlings for future plantings in town in these days when we are all closer to home.  The City Forester grows pine and oak seedlings in lit

Email the Tree Tender Program Director Carleen Whittelsey at [email protected] to signup.  After you sign, up, you are delivered a pine or oak seedling in a 1-gallon container and a Tree Tender Guide.  For More information visit containers and transplant them to larger and larger containers as they grow.  When a few feet tall, your grownup seedling will be picked up and planted in the Village by the City or Friends of Carmel Forest.     

Median Minders 

With over 100 median islands & bump outs….and in alignment with Carmel Public Works Dept  - signup to “adopt” a median island.  This program involves clearing weeds and minor landscape maintenance, usually just in front of your property. 

Many residents may already contributing these services near their home today.  Email [email protected], providing location and contact specifics, to make this work official and get an official guide. For More information visit

Pickup Posse

This is an organize a team that will help to make Carmel-by-the-Sea “Litter-Free”, forever.  We  recruit the existing heros doing this work independently and find new ones to help organize and track their efforts. 
Why Join the Pick-up Posse?

  • First, it’s fun to be part of a group with similar interests. You’ll get a T-shirt to identify you as a member of our team.
  • Second, we will provide you with tools like a trash picker device, Biobags or buckets.
  • Third, and maybe most important, we want to track the time invested in this activity across the team so we will be better able to receive grants to help finance environmental projects.
To sign up for this team visit this page.

For more information

In addition to the contact information provided in these brief program descriptions ... go to the Carmel Cares Facebook page for the latest. or their web site at 

Join these teams to help this keep Carmel-by-the-Sea beautiful, safe & inviting.