CRA Programs

Throughout the year, the CRA sponsors educational (and entertainment) programs relevant to our Village - our history, environmental issues, or speakers who have made a big impact on our community. They may be individual speakers or panel discussions. We also sponsor candidate forums during election years and partner with other groups in the Village to hold town halls on important and timely issues.  

Social Programs
The Next Social+ Programs Scheduled Include:

  • Saturday April 27th - CRA Community Rummage Sale with drop off dates 4/24-26.  Here are the details.
  • Saturday September 7th - CRA Members - Feast in the Forest in Pebble Beach.  Here is the 2023 Feast in the Forest detail.
  • Saturday December 7th - CRA's Members Holiday GalaHere are the 2023 Holiday Gala details.

   Past 2023 Social Programs included:  (expanded listing here)

Mar 11 CRA No-Host Gathering - at The Annex (behind 7th & Dolores on Dolores) - Details are available HERE.
- Dec 2nd - CRA's Members only Holiday Gala at La Playa Hotel - Details and pictures are available HERE.
- Nov14th - CRA's  No-Host Gathering at Flaherty's (on 6th btw Dolores & San Carlos) - Details are available HERE.
- Oct 31st - CRA at the Carmel-by-the-Sea Anniversary & Halloween Parade - Details and pictures are available HERE.
- Oct 18th - CRA's No Host Gathering at Little Napoli (NE Corner of 7th and Dolores) -  Details & pictures are available HERE.
- Sept 9th - CRA's Feast in the Forest in Pebble Beach with a Greek theme was again was a sellout. HERE
- June 11th - CRA's Members Only Beach Gathering, now yearly at the bottom of the 13th and Scenic stairs in Cooke's Cover. HERE
- April 20th - CRA Hosts the "Adult beverage" table in the Third Thursday City Event in Devendorf Park. HERE.
- April 5th - CRA's No Host Gathering at La Balena (Junipero between 5th & 6th) Details & pictures are available HERE.
- Feb 2nd - CRA's No-Host Gathering from 4:30-6:00 PM at Seventh & Dolores.  Details & pictures are available HERE.

Plus don't miss CRA regularly at these local gatherings:

- CRA leaders at the Community Table at the Carmel Farmers Market - Every last Thursday each month - January - October. 
- CRA Beach Clean Up - Every 3rd Saturday March through October at the bottom of Ocean Avenue in Del Mar

Upcoming - Educational/Informational  

Rescheduling - Updates to follow - (was 4/24)- CRA Hosts a Conversation with Mary Adams - our Monterey County District 5 Supervisor. On April 24th at 6:30 doors open at the Carmel Woman’s Club, as Mary offers her 8 years of insights on the workings on the Monterey County dais and beyond.  In an interactive question format, we will cover topics including Mary’s experience and roles in County and Regional area committees and  boards – covering AMBAG, Energy, Water, Transportation and more.  Details are available HERE
Thursday June 6th  - CRA's Annual Meeting - with special historic presentation.  Here are the prior years Annual Meeting details.
Tuesday September 17th - CRA's Residential City of Carmel Candidates Forum, open to the public. Here is the 2022 CRA Candidates Forum detail.

Past Educational/Informational Programs

Feb 21st 2024 CRA Hosts our “Carmel’s City Directors - On Point, a pannel discussion"

Familiar staff names including Wright, Harary, Gullo, Tomasi, and Swanson shared updates and insights on projects and what's next in a Q&A formal. This was free and open to the public, with details, pictures and YouTube link can be found HERE.  

Jan 23rd 2024 CRA Hosts Paul Miller for "The Carmel Pine Cone from the Inside/Out".  

Paul the owner, publisher, editor of the Carmel Pine Cone, at the Carmel Woman’s Club, doors open at 6:30 PM will share a Behind the Curtain views into what makes this our Village weekly “must read”. Open to the public. Details, photos and YouTube can be found HERE.

Oct 23rd 2023 CRA's "Carmel meets Sacramento - a Coastal Community Town Hall on California Housing Legislation"   

We gathered over 100 community residents and guests, plus our honored panelists at the Carmel Highschool Center for the Performing Arts.  We heard from our California State - Sacramento Senator John Laird and Assembly Member Dawn Addis who represent our Coastal Community. Paul Miller, Publisher of the Carmel Pine Cone moderated this session exploring the latest in recent Housing legislation.  

Learn more about about critical housing laws and explore protecting Land Use and Zoning Local Controls in our Monterey Peninsula Community. Visit this page for more details and coverage on our Town Hall. YouTube of our Program is HERE.

Feb 22 2023 - CRA Hosts, the authors of "Humbled, How Monterey Bay Escaped Industrial Ruin" by Glenn Church & Katheryn McKenzie. This program celebrates the power of noteworthy local environmental activists and how they prevented Moss Landing to become a large oil refinery. Doors Open at 6:30, Program begins at 7PM.  Open to the public.  Join us at Carmel Woman's Club, to grab a glass of wine at 6:30 and mix with fellow enthusiasts. Program YouTube Video is available HERE.  Full program details are available HERE

Jan 26 2023 -  CRA  Hosts "Experience the Monterey Bay as Seen by early California Artists"

This program celebrates our area's natural beauty through renowned local painters, as presented by locals professor Cynthia Weick and artist/gallery owner Joaquin Turner. Program YouTube Video is available HERE.  Full program details and pictures are available HERE.

Oct 19th 2022 - CRA Hosts "Historic Hotel Del Monte and 17 Mile Drive with John Sanders"

John's expertise and research included answers to questions to how Hotel Del Monte reshaped our local history, including:
1) Who was the architect of the original Seventeen-Mile Drive?
2) What did it take to build the world's most elegant seaside resort in 120 days during a winter of flooding rains?
3) Why did the hotel delay nearly two decades before it adopted the 17 Mile Drive name?
Full program details and John's biography and video link are available here

Sept 21st 2022 - CRA Hosts the 17th Biannual Candidates Forum for 2022 

Candidates for City Council on the November Ballot answered questions of concern to our Village and Carmel Residents. More details on connecting with the Candidates, a post event Pine Cone Article and Youtube link are available HERE.

Our Panelists and 2022 Council Candidates roster includes: 

  1. Jeff Baron - Council (incumbent), Learn more & connect with the Candidate here: WebsiteFacebookEmail
  2. Ashley Bennett  Stoddard - Council: EmailFacebook, and/or stop by the Bennett Sculpture Gallery between 5th & 6th on Dolores. 
  3. Alissandra Dramov - Council.  Learn more & connect with the Candidate here: WebsiteEmail
  4. Daniel Parker Logan - Council: Email and/or stop by Sade's on Lincoln south of Ocean
  5. and Dave Potter - Mayor (un-opposed incumbent)    Learn more & connect with the Candidate here: WebsiteFacebookEmail

March 24th 2022 - CRA Hosts  "Future of Architecture in Carmel with Brandon Swanson"

Brandon Swanson, Carmel Director of Planning and Building, reviewed the new state regulations and regional requirements for increased housing in our Village.  More details, youtube link and Brandon's slides are available on this page

Nov 9th 2021 - CRA Hosts "Will Bullas - UNSUPERVISED"  

We were honored to hear the latest from our one-of-a-kind local Will Bullas - for a program chalk full of great art, new insights and laughs!   Click here for full program details and Will's significant, award winning credentials. Youtube video link for your review is Here  

Sept 23rd, 2021 - CRA Hosts "Carmel Adapting to Climate Change - Planning for the Future" 

Councilmembers Theis and Baron delivered an interactive presentation and discussion on the strategies that our village should use in order to prosper in an increasingly climate challenged environment.  We must plan and act to combat Climate Change impacts in our Village. We are all seeing the effects of our changing climate from extreme weather, floods, erosion, fires and more.  Of course our Village must take action and invest.  We cannot only rely on County, State, National efforts - we are all in this together and must plan to invest locally with Climate Change in mind.  More detail on this session can be found here. Youtube video link for your review is HERE

March 25th 2021- CRA Hosts "My Grandfather, Sam Morse, with Charles Osborne"

Charles researched and authored  “Boss:  S.F.B. Morse, Founder of Pebble Beach”.  Charles, a businessman and native son, will share images and stories about his grandfather – who by all accounts was a renaissance man – conservationist, athlete, artist, and entrepreneur.   For more information on accessing this session, pictures and quotes from the author, visit this page.  YouTube Video of this program is  HERE. 

Jan 28th 2021 - CRA Hosts "Stephen Moorer’s – History of Live Theater in Carmel" 

Learn about the early personalities bringing their Bohemian influence to our Village from 1900 to today including surnames such as Sterling, Austin, London, and Hopper.  And hear about the performances and locations ranging from Carmel Arts & Crafts Clubhouse, Forest Theater, Golden Bough, Circle Theater, Sunset Center, Carl Cherry Center and more.  For details on this great event and Stephen Moorer please visit this link. YouTube Video of this program is HERE

 Dec 9th 2020 - CRA Hosts "Carmel-by-the-Sea  Climate Change Initiative Plans"

Join CRA and Jeff Baron & Carrie Theis of the Carmel City Council, who will update residents on the scope, directions, phases and how you can participate in their committee's work on Climate Change.  The background and details of this program can be found here. YouTube video of this program is HERE

Nov 19th 2020 - CRA Hosts "Charles Dickens in America" with Howard Burnham

Howard Burnham's one man show , Dickens in America.  The background and details page of this performance can be found hereYouTube video of this performance is HERE.

Oct 21 2020 - CRA Hosts "Flora Woods, Madam of Cannery Row" with Tracy Shaw 

The Cannery Row Madam Flora Woods still has untold stories to share. Flora Woods’ great-granddaughter, Tracy Shaw, has a tell-all history of Flora and Cannery Row from the early 20th century.   More details on this presentation are available here. YouTube of this great program is available HERE.  

Oct 1st 2020 - CRA Hosts "16th Biannual Candidates Forum"

This was a must see event for those who are concerned about our Village and want to get to know the 2020 candidates for our City Council and Mayor.   Visit this page for full agenda, topic time slots details on this event and how to interact with these candidates. YouTube Video of this Panel Session is available here 

Election Year - CRA's Candidates Forum.  A panel discussion with Candidates for Mayor and two City Council Seats will be moderated by Sam Farr our 24 year former US House of Representative - based on questions from you.
Mayoral Candidates Include: Incumbent Mayor Dave Potter and Challenger Judy Refuerzo.   
Council Candidates Include: Incumbent Councilperson Bobby Richards and Challengers: Karen Ferlito, Mo Massoudi, Graeme Robertson. (Two Council Seats were open this year).  
Note:  The winning candidates are underlined above.

May 6 2020 - CRA Hosts "Reimagining the Village: How do we Emerge - from the COVID19 limitations?"

Our Panelists were: 

  • Mayor Dave Potter discussed the challenges the City faces, possible options to reopen and how you can help 
  • Councilperson Carrie Theis summarized the challenges the hotels in town face going forward
  • Anthony Carnazzo, the owner of Stationaery restaurant, covered what his industry could look like
  • Carmel Chamber CEO Jenny MacMurdo represented the status of businesses in town and how she is helping
  • Tim Allen of Tim Allen Properties and CarmelGives updated the state of the real estate market
  • Dale Byrne, Board Member of the Carmel Residents Association moderates

May 9th 2020 -  Dixie Dixon & Steve Mortensen - Online Patio Set 

Dixie and Steve will provide their unique musical talents live from their upstairs patio on Carmelo in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Steve plays guitar and Dixie plays bass and they both sing!  

April 22 2020 - CRA Hosts "You Can Never be too Prepared!" Wanda Vollmer 

Wanda joins us as a CRA member and from Peace of Mind Preparedness, a disaster readiness program that serves families and businesses on the Central Coast. She is very active in our community, having served with the American Red Cross and is currently Co-Captain of the C.E.R.T. Team in Carmel and managing the newly-formed Carmel Neighbors project. Wanda will review information we need to be better organized and prepared for all types of disasters.  (YouTube not available)

April 25 2020 - Live From StoryBook Cottage with Roger Book 

Roger is a natural performer, poet and story teller. He will present some fun and uplifting original songs from his successful Cherry Center concerts while providing highlights about his life story and what inspired his music. (YouTube not available - technical glitches)

April 29 - The life and times of Hayes Perkins & His Magic Carpet 

Presenter: David Laws, California Garden & Landscape History Society.  David will tell the amazing world-class story of the man who, after traveling the world, came to PG and spent 14 years fulfilling his dream of creating the beautiful "Magic Carpet" cliff-side garden of spectacular purple flowers.

Jan 30 - CRA Hosts - "The Future of Carmel - Panel Discussion"

This was a lively panel discussion with four distinguished guest speakers. 

  • Moderator – Tom Parks – CRA Board member
  • Michael DeLapa – Executive Director LandWatch Monterey County
  • Karyl Hall – Carmel Historic Resources Board member
  • Neal Kruse – Home designer and Radio Personality
  • Stephanie Locke – Carmel Planning Commissioner/Monterey Water District