CRA Hosts – Carmel’s Historic Theatre District
with Stephen Moorer

On Thursday January 28th we were honored to host this great presentation on the insights on the early years through today on the entertainment and culture provided by live theater in Carmel area.   Full of influencers, artists, directors, producers, writers, performers, and stages about town – hear more about the early locations and delivery of in person enjoyment across the spectrum of classical to current dramas and musicals over the decades.

The YouTube Video of this session is available HERE

Learn about the early personalities bringing their Bohemian influence to our Village including surnames such as Sterling, Austin, London, and Hopper.  And hear even more on the performances and locations ranging from Carmel Arts & Crafts Clubhouse, Forest Theater, Golden Bough, Circle Theater, Sunset Center, Carl Cherry Center and more. 




Stephen Moorer is currently the founder and artistic director of the Pacific Repertory Theatre.  Plus, his theater credits go way back as an actor and director across over 100 productions, and over 10,000 performances, with over 1 million audience members.  Stephen’s passion for live performances continue creatively in these Covid19 times as well.   

---Expanded Background and Credits on Stephen Moorer---

Actor, director, and theatrical producer Stephen Moorer, founder and artistic director of Pacific Repertory Theatre, will present a pictorial History of Carmel‘s Live Theatre, beginning with the bohemian influence starting in 1905, until present day Carmel. 

Born September 29, 1961, Stephen founded the only year-round professional theater in Monterey County, GroveMont Theatre, in 1982, renaming the nonprofit organization Pacific Repertory Theatre in 1994, when the group acquired the historic Golden Bough Playhouse, here in Carmel by the Sea.

 As an actor, Stephen has appeared in scores of productions, primarily in the Carmel and Monterey peninsula area. Highlights have included multiple productions as the title role in The Elephant Man, including appearing opposite Barbara Babcock in 2002 at the Golden Bough Theatre; appearing as Jason and Robinson Jeffers Medea, directed by Theater great Joseph Chaikin, shortly before his death.  Stephen last appeared on stage at the Forest Theater, as the title role in Cyrano, a performance which brought him critical acclaim from critics and audience alike. 

Stephen has directed over 100 productions at the Golden Bough, Circle, and Forest Theaters, including critically acclaimed productions of Amadeus, West Side Story, The Full Monty, The Buddy Holly Story, Shakespeare’s Complete History Cycle, and most recently, The regional premiere of Fun Home.

As an administrator, Stephen has produced over 490 productions representing over 10,000 performances before over 1 million audience members. He was instrumental in saving the Golden Bough Playhouse from the wrecking ball, and was a leading advocate for the restoration and protection of Carmel‘s historic Forest Theater.