Board of Directors, Nominations & Past President's Honor Roll

CRA Board of Directors

Graeme Robertson
President, Officer & Executive Committee Member

Graeme immigrated here in 1965 with his parents from Scotland when he was 6, then attending Carmel's River School, Middle School and High School. After completing college at San Diego State, Graeme's career was in sales and marketing, with Gallo Winery, PepsiCo, Wiman Beverage Company, Vinco, Platinum Partnership and Merrill Lynch.  He has and is served in leadership roles on boards, organizations and foundations throughout Carmel. Graeme was honored in 2018 as the Carmel Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year.

Responsibilities: CRA President, CRA Nominations Committee, CRA Programs & Candidates Forum, City Chamber, City Rotary, City Housing...

 Ken White
Vice President, Officer & Executive Committee Member


Ken was a goodwill ambassador for the city and served as a member of the Forest and Beach and Planning Commissions and the City Council before serving as mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea from 1992 to 2000. For many years he was chair of Friends of Sunset Center and is the former President of Monterey County Pops. Ken often shares his knowledge and experience to assist business and residential groups. And is the recipient of Citizen of the Year and Bohemian of the Year.

Responsibilities: CRA Vice President, City Chamber, City Police Building Project, City Security (Flock) Cameras, ...

 Tim Twomey
Treasurer, Officer & Executive Committee Member


Tim grew up in the Bay Area, spent his career as a healthcare supply chain executive, and served as a board member on national, state and local associations. He graduated from San Francisco State University and worked for many Hospital Systems including Stanford University Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health. 

Responsibilities: CRA Treasurer, CRA Budget Committee, CRA Schollarship Committee, CRA Annual Meeting, City Security (Flock) Cameras, City Fire/Ambulance, Visit Carmel...

Frankie Laney
Secretary, Officer & Executive Committee Member

A native of San Francisco and graduate of San Francisco State University, Frankie and her husband ran an agri-business in the Sacramento River Delta town of Walnut Grove for 30 years before moving to Carmel in 1994.  A watercolor painter for over 50 years, she is a member of the Carmel Art Association and served on that Board in addition to the CRA Board, Carmel Cultural Commission, the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts Board and Citizen of the Year.

Responsibilities: CRA Secretary, CRA Annual Meeting & Citizen of the Year, City Planning Commission,  City Undergrounding Utilities, ...

 Sherry Shollenbarger
 Board Member & Executive Committee Member

As a full-time 25-year Carmel resident, Sherry has been actively volunteering throughout our community. Her service includes a term as our CRA President from 2004 - 2006.  Additional contributions on local Boards includes All Saints Day School and Interfaith Outreach of Carmel. Sherry has also held various roles with All Saints Episcopal Church, as 10-year docent at Tor House and since the early 2000's sits on Carmel's Economic Advisory Committee.

CRA responsibilities: CRA Bylaws, City Chamber of Commerce & Roundtable, City Security (Flock) Cameras

Mike Brown
Board Member

As a deep rooted local, Mike went to Sunset School and graduated from Carmel High.  He moved on to complete his BS in Business via San Francisco State and University of Washington. While in the Army, he did a tour in Pleiku, Viet Nam with the 4th Div. Then as a civilian, he applied his skills to firms in Copenhagen, Denmark and Bristol, England.  In his returning years, he owned PerspCRA responsibilities: CRAectacles in Carmel for thirty-five years. Mike also served 2 terms on the City Council and numerous other boards and committees plus a stint on the Monterey County Civil Grand Jury.  Plus is a former recipient of Citizen of the Year!

 CRA responsibilities: City Addresses/Post Office, City Undergrounding Utilities...

Hans Buder
Newest Board Member (May 2024)

Hans is the founder of the Moving to Opportunity Fund, a social impact-focused real estate investment firm. Previously, Hans worked for a real estate private equity fund and for a social impact real estate development firm specializing in mixed-income housing, and taught in an inner-city public school in post-Katrina New Orleans as a member of Teach for America. Hans holds an MBA from Stanford, a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard, and a BA from Duke. He currently serves as Chair of the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the County of Monterey, as a Trustee of the Big Sur Land Trust, and as a member of the Forest and Beach Commission. Hans and his wife Meghan (a Carmel High grad) live in our Village with their three children.

CRA responsibilities: City Housing

Janine Chicourrat
Board Member


Janine is general manager of the Portola Hotel & Spa, in Monterey. Janine moved to the community in 1998 to open up Casa Palmero at Pebble Beach. Her past general manager roles include The Lodge at Pebble Beach, Northstar at Tahoe and Kimpton Hotels, Monticello Inn.  Janine serves as chair board chair for Rancho Cielo, board member for the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Monterey County Hospitality Association. 

CRA responsibilities: CRA Budget Committee, CRA Nominations Chair, CRA Annual Gala, Visit Carmel...

Mary Condry
Board Member 

Mary has been an active member of the CRA since 1993, serving in many roles including as president. As a professional tour guide in Carmel she enjoys meeting visitors from around the globe and sharing the traditions, natural beauty and unique architecture that make us Carmel unique and special. 

CRA responsibilities: CRA Voice Proofer, CRA Bylaws Committee, CRA Past President & Nominations Committee...

Sara Harnish
Board Member

Sara grew up in Carmel, attending Woods School, Carmel Middle and High School where she now serves on the Carmel High School Foundation board.  She attended MPC and graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in English.  After graduating from Boston College Law School, she worked as a litigator but came to her senses and transitioned to the field of human subject research protection.  After moving back to Carmel, Sara joined the Lions, the board at Hacienda Carmel, and volunteers at Meals on Wheels and at River School.

CRA responsibilities: CRA Schollarship Committee, CRA Bylaws Committee, Flanders Mansion, ...

  JC Myers
Board Member

Raised in Carmel Valley, JC moved back to the area in 2002 with his wife, Sarah, and have raised 3 children who attended All Saints Day School, and Carmel High School. He’s a 3rd generation fresh produce guy, a current Forest and Beach Commissioner, a part of a lively local volleyball community, and attends Carmel Presbyterian Church. 

CRA responsibilities: CRA Feast in the Forest, CRA Budget Committee, CRA Beach Clean Up, City Forest & Beach Commission,...

David O'Neil
Board Member 

David has been attracted to the local nature and our village since his earliest days. With a career in California, Hawaii, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and France in planning, real estate, construction, landscape and restoration, Carmel was the example he used to demonstrate how best to balance preservation with needs for modernization. Amidst the crazy times of 2021, he settled in Carmel-by-the-Sea and started immediately applying his energy and talents to many local non-profit organizations.

CRA responsibilities: CRA Events, Mills Act, Flanders Mansion, Ctiy Historic Resources Board and Planning Commission, City Design Traditions...

Nancy Twomey
Board Member, Communications, Programs & Membership Chair

Raised in Portland Oregon, then on to Silicon Valley as she built her career in Technology firms in leadership roles across Marketing, Partnerships and Operations.  In the Bay Area, she met and married Tim - eventually retiring in their favorite 30 year vacation spot, Carmel-by-the-Sea.  Since arriving here full time in 2016, Nancy has been a committed volunteer across multiple organizations throughout town.  

CRA responsibilities: CRA Member all Communications (social media, email, website, etc) & Membership, CRA Programs & Candidates Forum, CRA Annual Meeting, CRA Farmers Market Community Table, City Council, City Activities, City Climate Change, City Parking, City Housing...

 Sherry Williams
Board Member

Born and raised in the Pleasanton California, Sherry's collegiate path included UCSB BA in Social Sciences and at San Jose State she completed her Masters in various aspects of Education.  She married, raised two daughters, and taught, plus did a stint as a flight attendant.   Since Sherry and her husband moved to Carmel, she has volunteered in many CRA events over the years, plus for many other activities and organizations about town. 

CRA responsibilities: CRA Sunshine Committee & Appreciation Notes, CRA Bylaws Committee, CRA Events, CRA at Community Table Farmers's Market last Thursday monthly, City Design Traditions, Flanders, ...

New Board Member Nominations  

A dedicated page on joining your CRA board is available here

Carmel Residents Association members nominate potential candidates for our Board, annually in the January-February period, announced in the January-February issue of The Voice.   Ideally submissions are sent as a petition (or email) signed (or endorsed) by three CRA members. Minimally, a nomination must be accompanied by a short paragraph focused on the person’s talents and interests in contributing to our Board, with your name & contact, and the nominee's name and contact details.  Candidates must be a CRA member for 6 months or more and be a resident of Carmel-by-the-Sea or the official Sphere of Influence.  Each submission must be received by March 1.   

Nominations are sent to the nominating committee chair, Janine Chicourrat, PO Box 13 Carmel, Ca 93921. or email at [email protected], with subject line Board of Directors Nomination.

Note: where Board positions become available in-between our annual process, replacement candidates will fill the remaining portion of the three year term of the departing Board Member.  

Honor Role of Past CRA Presidents

1987-1988 Jim Holiday
1988-1989 Skip Lloyd 
1989-1990  Barbara Brooks
1990-1992  Clayton Anderson
1992-1993  David Maradei
1993-1994  Beth Wright
1994-1995  Lou Rolle
1995-1997  Linda Anderson
1997-1998  Mary Condry
1998-1999  Suzanne Paboojian
1999-2000  Shirley Humann
2000-2001  Melanie Billig
2001-2002  Monte Miller
2002-2004  Larry Rodocker
2004-2006  Sherry Shollenbarger
2006-2008  Roberta Miller
2008-2020  Barbara Livingston - for more on Barbara and her legacy visit this page.
2020-2023  Fred Bologna
2023-20__  Graeme Robertson

Thank you one and all!   
   From Your CRA Board of Directors