Our honored Barbara Livingston has passed - 2/23/2021

Barbara, our former longtime CRA President, passed on peacefully in her home on this date.  We are deeply saddened to share this update.  Barbara's boundless love and contributions to Carmel-by-the-Sea and the Carmel Residents Association is unsurpassed. 

Barbara's Family Hosted an Online Memorial Sunday March 21st.  This was rich with warm remembrances and stories from her family of children, grandchildren and neighbors, plus personal insights from local Carmel friends and her caretakers over her last months, all interspersed with unseen photos and videos.   This is must viewing for those who knew Barbara and may have missed it live.  

YouTube Link from this Memorial Here

Here are a few points of recognition and recollection:

  • The Centennial interview of Barbara created in August of 2016 by our Carmel Library Team can be found here.
  • The Carmel-by-the-Sea City proclamation and video honoring her years of contributions in August 2020 can be found here.
  • Our CRA The Voice March/April Issue - Barbara Livingston Remembrance insert can be found here.
  • And reminisce, by re-reading her President's pages of The Voice over the past 10 years on our Archives page here

News Articles published on Barbara's Passing.
         PDF's of these articles are available at the bottom of this page.

  • The Carmel Pine Cone - Feb 26, 2021 published this cover+ article of Barbara's life here.
  • The Monterey Weekly - Feb 23, 2021 published this article on Barbara here.
  • The Monterey Herald - Mar 3, 2021 published this article on "Mrs. Carmel" here.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle, SFGate and Legacy.com - Mar 1, 2021 page for Barbara can be found here.

 Barbara's Carmel Bench - plus a GoFundMe

For community members who'd like to do a bit more to honor Barbara, and look to visit a spot in Carmel-by-the-Sea that enriches your memories - we are working with the City to identify available bench locations.  We have set up a GoFundMe for folks who'd like to add $'s for this bench. Donations are very welcome in any amount. We look forward to announcing the location(s) in future weeks.

On March 2nd 2021, our Mayor, Dave Potter Closed the City Council Meeting in Memory of Barbara Livingston with the following:  

“We just lost Mrs.Carmel.  A woman with a passion for this town.
 You never got in her way.  She never compromised her views and opinions.  
You always knew where she stood.  She was a candid individual.  
She was one of a kind.  Loved by me and Janine most dearly.
But I know everyone else had their own opinions.
Love her or like her, you knew where she stood.  
And they don’t make them like that anymore. 
Honestly, it is very very tough to see her go.  
A passing of the old guard. …
She sure did her duty, it was Barbara.  
A great woman.  
I think we can all agree on this one.”    

Sherry Williams, a member and close friend of Barbara, wrote a song (parody) in her honor, when Barbara was considering moving back east near her children earlier this past year, to the tune of (Daisy, Daisy) "Bicycle Built for Two", as follows:

Barbara, Barbara
We're going to really miss you!
You are CRA and Mrs.Carmel, too!
We don't want you to leave us,
We wish that you didn't go,
But we'll be strong,
And carry on,
With the memory of lovely you!

The following Poem was written & published 2016 by Inje Kessler and shared with CRA in Barbara's honor. 

Foreboding a farewell

the setting sun
peers through
grey-tinged rain clouds
blue-green pines
the wind
sighs and whispers
bends in gusts

dewdrops roll off
grass blades
in tandem with
my tears
cheeks burn
I look in vain
for your return

early morning haze
with stillness
only my mind
whirls and stirs
our final partings

Cindy Lloyd, another one of our CRA members and close friend of Barbara, so eloquently wrote on the day of her passing....

"...There must be a new star shining over Carmel tonight.  Goodnight and goodbye, Barbara"

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