Your CRA Board of Directors Are Engaged in Civic Meetings, Are You?

Carmel Residents are always encouraged to directly participate in these public meetings.  In parallel, CRA Board Members are participating in each below meeting and in many other additional area nonprofits and organizations to contribute, raise concerns and extend our thanks.  Note: Recent Past and Upcoming City Meeting Listing Link Here

  • City Council
  • Activities Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • Forest & Beach Commission
  • Historic Resources Board
  • Library Board
  • Climate Committee
  • Ad-Hoc Committees – topical & short term
  • Carmel Chamber of Commerce
  • Visit Carmel


CRA conducted a membership survey on Civic Hot Topics - August 2023 

Details on this survey and the results are available HERE.

Roster of "Hot Topics" of Civic Interest

We all share the passion that Carmel-by-the-Sea remains a wonderful place to live and enjoy. However, we each bring differing backgrounds, levels of interest and opinions on what is an ideal approach.  Again, the Carmel Residents Association will always encourage you to participate live or via email to these Boards, Commissions and City Council directly. 

This roster (that continues to evolve) is a list of items raised in these Civic Meetings, where you may have views where we can represent them on your behalf.  Please email us at i[email protected] with any of your complaints and suggestions any day/time/year round.  

City Administration
  General Plan

  Annual budget process (year starts July 1)
  Periodic budget adjustments
  CalPERS Unfunded Liability 
  Resident engagement in Councils & Commissions
  Sales & TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax)

City Parks & Facilities Use & Maintenance
  City: City Hall, Police Station, Fire Station,

Public Works, Libraries, Restrooms, &
Sunset Center
  Parks: Carmelita, Devendorf, First Murphy,
Forest Hill, Forest Theater, Lester Rowntree
Garden, Mary Austin, Mission Trail Nature
Preserve, Picadilly, and Vista Lobos
  Others: Scout House & Flanders Mansion
revitalization, Forest Theater utilization, North
Dunes revitalization and Scenic Stairway &
Path maintenance

Trees in Public Space
  Tree & Stump Removal – dead/diseased

  Tree Pruning – preventative
  Tree/Shrub Replanting in empty plots/boxes
  Permitting for private tree maintenance

Public Works Items
  Sidewalk upkeep & cleaning

  Landscape maintenance, weeding & mulching
  Directional & street signage
  Traffic calming medians, bump-outs & islands
  Bike paths in roadways
  Undergrounding utilities 
  Drainage/Sewage infrastructure
  Beach Fire program options 
  Smoke abatement
  Facility/building maintenance
  Wireless/Cellular Communications

Architecture Design, Diversity & Historical Charm
  Business Building Codes and

    their Design Guidelines
  Residential Building Codes and
    their Design Guidelines
  Property Update & Permitting 
  Ancillary Dwelling Units - ADU
  Short Term Rentals

Public Space Utilization
  Permanent outdoor seating in public places

  Food/Merchant carts on sidewalks
  For City and other public events

Public Safety Services
  Police services & engagement

  EMT/Ambulance response times
  Fire prevention & inspections

Village Parking
  Public lot expansion options

  Public parking – paid, fees or free
  Residential parking issues

Postal Services
  Remain status quo

  Postal delivery to locations
  Issue numbered location addresses
  Postal delivery to numbered addresses

Business Mix
  Wine Tasting, Restaurants, Galleries, Jewelry, 

    Real-estate, Shops, Grocery, Others
  Is this mix good or does it needs change?
  Does the marketplace determine the mix?

Climate Impact & Actions
  Beach erosion

  Going solar & Shifting to all electric
  Waste Minimization
  Local low-cost housing 

Thank you for caring and taking action.