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Since 1987, the Carmel Residents Association has been the premier community organization for full and part-time residents of Carmel-by-the-Sea and those in its sphere of influence vested interest in protecting our "Village in the Forest".  With new tools available, you can now also join, renew and make donations to the CRA, register and pay for CRA-sponsored events and much more, all online. Click here for a more detailed overview.

During this very unique time, this page highlights information regarding COVID-19.  And, here is an expanded list of Online Resources from Local to Global on COVID-19.  As always, please stay safe and healthy by practicing recommended distancing protocols.  Thank you for working to keep our community strong.  

City Council Meeting June 16th to discuss Outdoor Dining

A special City Council meeting will be held on June 16th to discuss outdoor dining parklets and next year's budget. Click here to see the link.

Last Cloth Face Masks will be distributed by June 6th

Carmel Gives has announced they will be continuing with their cloth face mask project until Saturday June 6th. This program used local seamstresses following a significant fabric donation from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. The donation was initiated by CRA members Barry and Kathleen Swift. Over 3,400 face masks were produced in less than a month and they were distributed by local businesses and the Carmel Chamber of Commerce and also given to the Carmel Foundation and senior housing throughout the Peninsula. The community has been very impressed with the quality product they Tuyen and Hannah have produced and it has been a great way to bring the community together! Thanks to those who donated to the Carmel Gives fund and to the CRA members who gladly parted ways with their lovely quilting materials.

Let's Support our VIP Business Members

No need to tell you the challenges every business is having in town. Take a look at the list of those that were supporting the CRA's Village Incentive Program here and show them some love. 

Carmel Chamber Catalyst Newsletter 

You can now see the Chamber's Catalyst online newsletters here. It has great information for how businesses can deal with the process of obtaining financial aid. You can also sign up for their newsletter to be sent as an email when they come out.




Gov. Gavin Newsom issued guidelines today for the reopening of additional important sectors of the state's economy, including hotels, museums, zoos and aquariums, day camps, bars, gyms, campgrounds and professional sports, not to mention music, film and television production.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "most of the state's 58 counties already meet the thresholds" for those businesses to start welcoming customers again — which would seem to indicate that Monterey County would be on the list of counties ready to let more of its businesses reopen as soon as next Friday.

In response to the guidelines, however, Monterey County Health Officer Edward Moreno issued a statement this afternoon that was noncommittal:

"Today, Governor Newsom issued new guidance for several sectors that counties may consider opening no sooner than June 12," Moreno said. "Prior to opening the sectors, Monterey County must review local indicators such as number of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 population and rate of positive tests, as well as the degree of local preparedness to support a health care surge, to protect vulnerable populations, to test for Covid-19 and to conduct rapid case investigation and contact tracing. The County Health Officer must then determine if current indicators support implementation of the new guidance and opening of the sectors. County officials will continue to review the most current indicators and will immediately review the newly released guidance."

One of the reasons for Moreno's hesitance — if that's what he was trying to express — could be the recent surge of coronavirus cases in the Salinas Valley, where more than 60 new cases have been confirmed since May 30, and where more than 80 percent of the county's cases have occurred over the last six weeks.

"We do have a large percentage of people who test positive from the Hispanic-Latino population, and a lot of those people are coming from the Salinas area," Moreno said during a conference call with reporters today. "So we continue to work with partners to do outreach to get as many people as possible out to the free test sites, and we continue to work with our ag industry and farmworker advocates to slow down the spread of the disease countywide, but particularly among the farmworking community." 

County-wide, the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 is now 640 — an increase of 54 cases in the last two days, according to the health department. However, there have been no new hospitalizations, where the total remains 69 since the epidemic began, or fatalities, which are 10. On the Monterey Peninsula and in Big Sur, there have been three new cases in the last two days, the health department said, for a total of 54. To date, 11,690 tests for the virus have been completed on Monterey County residents, with a positivity rate of 5.5 percent.