Guiding the future of the Architecture in our Village

Updates as of 8/5/2022
    City team created a survey in mid July open to the public for their feedback (closed Aug 2), that will add to the inputs received from the public June Workshops covering Commercial and Residential architecture.  Next steps, the City will present their consolidated findings under the planned name of "Project Directions" later in August or early September.  CRA will notify membership of these briefings and the results via email notifications, and the entire community on local Social Media including the CRA Facebook page here

   Plus the Regular Planning Commission Meeting August 10th, will include as it's first agenda item the latest proposal on "the Pit" (5th & Dolores, next to Post Office, but officially the "Ulrika Plaza" project).  This item will not be presented for decisions in the planning process, but for Commission and community feedback.   Here is the latest proposal for your preview. 

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Carmel-by-the-Sea attracts visitors, future residents and residents with its natural beauty, its forest, its beach, its culture, its arts, its businesses (food, wine, retail..), and its architecture.   All of these, and more, require our care as they need upkeep, investments, engagement and preservation by all of us for future generations to enjoy.   

As covered in CRA's Voice and News You Can Use newsletters and explicit in our CRA Mission, we hope you too will express your views in the future of new and updated architecture in our Village.  Our Carmel City Planning is leading the efforts to update our Commercial and Residential Design Guidelines, along with supporting code/ordinances in this year long effort.   

Here are the existing (dated) Design Guidelines on the Carmel-by-the-Sea City website.

Here is the YouTube of the March 2022 CRA Program hosting our Director of Planning, Brandon Swanson updating our community on this upcoming project and various related State and County regulations tied to Architecture.   Here is the PDF of Brandon's presentation from this program.  

First Round of the Design Traditions Workshops - co-hosted by City Planning Staff and WinterAndCompany 

Here is the YouTube of the Tuesday June 21 Residential Design Traditions Community Workshop held in Carpenter Hall.   48 people participated in person, and 24 participated on Zoom 
Here is the YouTube of the Wednesday June 22 Commercial Design Traditions Community Workshop held in Carpenter Hall.  27 people participated in person, and 15 participated on Zoom. 
IMPORTANT:  Whether you attended or missed these sessions, please take a moment to provide your input to this critical city project with what you like, don't like and why across all residential and commercial areas to be incorporated into the findings from this effort.  Please email [email protected] and [email protected] - with subject line including "Design Traditions Input" and your contact information. It is especially important to get your feedback in early and not late for this project. 
Tip for viewing the YouTube recordings These workshops contained an introduction, then shifting to instructions on the breakout sessions, where then the audio stops, skip ahead until you hear the table results being presented. This is repeated for two additional breakout sessions, with a closing wrap-up presented by Nore Winter at the end of each of these Workshops.  We've provided some images from these sessions below, including the anticipated (or target) timeline for the next steps. 



Watch this space for updates as this project continues!

And please visit the Carmel Preservation organization web page for more on their efforts and how to participate