Revised ADU Ordinance (Accessory Dwelling Unit)

 Aug 30 - This topic breifly covered at the Strategic Priorities half yearly review.

View this YouTube at time stamp 37 minutes. Recognized as a Strategic Prioritiy.  This is now targeted for Planning Commission in October/November.

Also see the Aug CRA Survey Results - beginning on page 9 for feedback on this topic.

 Updates to our Village Ordinance is expected soon (Spring/Summer 2023) - once the draft is prepared, this will be open for public comment in Planning Commission and City Council. 

It is our wish that the soon to be revised Design Guidelines & Code Update (Design Traditions) project will be embraced in this upcoming Ordinance updates - however State Laws may limit this alignment.  See our Architecture page for the Design Traditions work underway on this initiative.

Our current ADU ordinance does not align to state laws.  Therefore, State Laws and oversite apply with only "Ministerial" approval by City Planning Department. 

  • HERE is a link to the portion of our Carmel Municipal Code pertaining to ADUs - which needs updating.
  • HERE is the link to the State Handbook/Guidelines (PDF) for ADUs - currently relevant for ADU's in our Village

The following images are the slides from a March 2022 presentation given by Brandon Swanson.   The Full Presentation as PDF is HEREHERE is the YouTube Recording from this CRA Presentation.