COVID-19 Related Online Resources from Local to Global

Here is a new addition to this list below, from our community - that has links for Covid19 guidance for people of all ages....from Children, to Younger Adults and the Elderly.   Thanks much Skyla! 

COVID-19 Specific - Info/Org./Services Web Site Geo Reach
Carmel by the Sea - Civic COVID19 Updates 1.Carmel
Carmel Neighbors - Neighbors helping Neighbors 1.Carmel
Carmel Area Restaurants To-Go and Grocery Services 1.Carmel
Carmel Chamber of Commerce Business & Resources 1.Carmel
Carmel Foundation - Homebound Meals 1.Carmel
Carmel Harrison Library - online/remote resources 1.Carmel
Carmel Pine Cone - Bulletins 2.Monterey County
Monterey County Meals on Wheels 2.Monterey County
Monterey County Food Bank 2.Monterey County
Monterey County Resources, Restaurants, Info and more 2.Monterey County
CHOMP - Corona Virus Information 2.Monterey County
KSBW - Central Coast COVID-19 Statistics 2.Monterey County
KSBW - Corona Virus Information 2.Monterey County
Monterey Herald - Corona Virus Information 2.Monterey County
Monterey County Health Department 2.Monterey County
Monterey County COVID-19 2.Monterey County
United Way of Monterey County  - Information Line 2.Monterey County
California - Governor's Emergency Services YouTube 3.California State
California State COVID-19 3.California State
CDC - Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 4.National/USA
NIH - National Institute of Health 4.National/USA
USA Coronavirus - by: FEMA, CDC and White House 4.National/USA
National Addition Resources for mental health and substance use disorders assistance  4.National/USA
World Health Org - Research, Guidance, Outreach, Data and more 5.Global
WorldOMeters, National, State Statistics 5.Global
Johns Hopkins University - Global, National, State Statistics 5.Global
Statista Research and Analysis 5.Global