COVID-19 Related Online Resources from Local to Global

Here is a new addition to this list below, from our community - that has links for Covid19 guidance for people of all ages....from Children, to Younger Adults and the Elderly.   Thanks much Skyla! 

COVID-19 Specific - Info/Org./Services Web Site Geo Reach
Carmel by the Sea - Civic COVID19 Updates 1.Carmel
Carmel Neighbors - Neighbors helping Neighbors 1.Carmel
Carmel Area Restaurants To-Go and Grocery Services 1.Carmel
Carmel Chamber of Commerce Business & Resources 1.Carmel
Carmel Foundation - Homebound Meals 1.Carmel
Carmel Harrison Library - online/remote resources 1.Carmel
Carmel Pine Cone - Bulletins 2.Monterey County
Monterey County Meals on Wheels 2.Monterey County
Monterey County Food Bank 2.Monterey County
Monterey County Detox Rehab 2.Monterey County
Monterey County Resources, Restaurants, Info and more 2.Monterey County
CHOMP - Corona Virus Information 2.Monterey County
KSBW - Central Coast COVID-19 Statistics 2.Monterey County
KSBW - Corona Virus Information 2.Monterey County
Monterey Herald - Corona Virus Information 2.Monterey County
Monterey County Health Department 2.Monterey County
Monterey County COVID-19 2.Monterey County
United Way of Monterey County  - Information Line 2.Monterey County
California - Governor's Emergency Services YouTube 3.California State
California State COVID-19 3.California State
CDC - Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 4.National/USA
NIH - National Institute of Health 4.National/USA
USA Coronavirus - by: FEMA, CDC and White House 4.National/USA
National Addition Resources for mental health and substance use disorders assistance  4.National/USA
World Health Org - Research, Guidance, Outreach, Data and more 5.Global
WorldOMeters, National, State Statistics 5.Global
Johns Hopkins University - Global, National, State Statistics 5.Global
Statista Research and Analysis 5.Global