Join & Renew your CRA Membership to receive your annual VIP Card

In 2019, the CRA started an exciting new program exclusively for CRA members. We recognize how important our local merchants and restaurants are to us and wanted to find a way to work with them to find ways we can help motivate our nearly 850 members to shop and eat more locally. To this end, we created the "Village Incentive Program" (VIP). With nearly 60 participating merchants and more being added every month this might be the best "locals" program in the country! Some merchants are offering discounts while others are providing a "freebie" or other incentive to CRA members.

Simply present your VIP card at the time of your order to receive your special offer! You can get a list of the merchants and restaurants currently participating in this program by clicking on the button below or scanning the QR Cod on the back of your VIP card with your mobile phone's camera. You can also get it at The offers are subject to the terms at the end of the Current VIP Offer list and are updated throughout the year. 


If you are a merchant or restaurant that would like to become a VIP Business Member click the button below to get the VIP Offer Form. Our members are also encouraged to give this form to their favorite businesses! Remember, this program is FREE to participating merchants.  And keep informed as you will receive CRA emails and Voice Newsletter.