COMPLETE Survey Results Published - Sept 4,2023

Aug 2023 CRA Survey Results Report

This 42 page report reflects the views of 132 of our members on all 16 current Hot Topics surveyed.  If you want to get a reading on what many here think about projects coming or underway - these findings are a material barometer of the opinions of those in our Village that squeezed in the time to participate.  On many topics we are closely aligned; on others we have more diverse opinions on what is best.

In followup to the Aug 30th half yearly Strategic Priorities Session (Here is the PDF of the 22 items/agenda and here is YouTube of this  session), we expect the City Council to make decisions on updating this roster of work underway or upcoming. 

Thanks to all who participated.  And we look to hearing from more of you in next year's CRA survey. 

Carmel Pine Cone Sept 8 Issue HERE - see page 21 for mention on these survey results on Village Tree challenges.

We will update this page - with press coverage and other critical public meeting findings in the coming days.

SPECIAL RELEASE of SELECT Survey Topics - Aug 28, 2023

The Carmel Residents Association has preliminary findings from our Survey of "16 Hot Topics" in our Village. 132 of 710 email member contacts responded (18.6%) – let’s double that next cycle!  Many thanks to those of you who participated. 

We have identified 4 topics in our CRA survey that are especially timely and beneficial to the City Council Strategic Priorities meeting topics on Wednesday, 10AM-3PM August 30 in Carpenter Hall at Sunset Center.  This City meeting participation information and staff report are available HERE.

In the spirit of collaboration and betterment of the village, HERE is the link to the report on these select item survey results with their comments for your review in advance of the meeting on Wednesday.  We are also sending these results to our Mayor, City Council and City Administrator for their advanced consideration.

Our complete CRA survey report will be made available by mid-September. The items not included in today’s report are also significant; however, our opinion is they would not materially change the discussion and/or decisions on Wednesday.

Note: The Carmel Pine Cone covered our the partial findings in their Sept 1 issue (see page7 on Addresses Topic and page 9 on Paid Parking). 

Watch this space - more to follow!

16 Hot Topics SurveyedHighlighted items are included in the first Aug 28th partial findings report.

1. Revised Housing Element
2. Design Traditions Revisions
3. Reinstating the Design Review Board
4. ADU's Ordinance Update
5. Police Station Rebuild
6. Paid Parking & Traffic Management 
7. Revised Telecom/Cell Tower Ordinance
8. Addresses & Post Office
9. Trees in Carmel
10. Village Parks Maintenance
11. Beautification of Public Spaces
12. Capital Improvement Projects
13. Climate Action Plan
14. Fire & Ambulance Services
15. Police Protection Services
16. Scout House & Flanders Mansion Plans
17. Open Comments

Email to our Members requesting their Survey Participation - July 29, 2023

There are many significant projects underway or planned that are critical to the future of our Village. The CRA Board is guided by the feedback of our members, and we would be grateful to hear your views! Our CRA mission statement ends with the word "advocacy". With this in mind, your CRA Board members frequently invest time to research and prepare to speak on behalf of the Board at City Council, Boards and Commissions meetings. We always encourage and support your participation and opinions are expressed as well. 

Please invest 20 minutes of your time to provide your CRA Board with your views on these Carmel topics making headlines and influencing the future character of this Village where we choose to live, play, and enjoy. You can optionally respond on just the items of your specific interest.

Take our Survey Online HERE  (our survey closed Aug 22nd)
Available HERE as a Blank PDF Form 

Topics you will find in this extensive and important survey includes Revised Housing Element, Updating our Design Guidelines, Reinstating a Design Review Board, ADU's, Police Station Rebuild, Paid Parking, Revising our Telecom Ordinance, Addresses in Carmel, Trees in Carmel, Village Parks Management, Beautification of Public Spaces, Capital Improvement Projects, Climate Action Plan, Fire Protection & Ambulance Services,  Police Protection Services and others. 

As you will see, we ask if you Agree or Disagree with each of the statements shown and also welcome all comments as well. Your individual responses will remain confidential and will only summarized overall. Be sure to press the SUBMIT button at the very end of the survey to successfully provide your feedback.

Thank you in advance for your time to complete the survey along with your on-going participation and membership.

Carmel Residents Association Board of Directors
PO Box 13, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Ca 93921  
Note: Carmel Pine Cone covered the initial release of the survey (page 15) in Aug 4th issue.