CRA Hosts - Carmel Adapting to Climate Change 
via Zoom Thursday September 23rd at 5PM

Planning for the Future:  How should Carmel Adapt to a Changing Climate.   Councilmembers Theis and Baron delivered an interactive presentation and discussion on the strategies that our village should use in order to prosper in an increasingly climate challenged environment.

The YouTube Link to this session is HERE.

This topic that needs your questions, ideas and views on proposed investments that can contribute to combating Climate Change impacts in our Village.  We are all seeing the effects of our changing climate from extreme weather, floods, erosion, fires and more.  Of course our Village must take action and invest.  We cannot only rely on County, State, National efforts - we are all in this together and must plan to invest locally with Climate Change in mind.

--Even more--

Our City Council Member led Climate Committee with our City Staff have been meeting over 2 years to compile our early findings and hear from interdependent area and Monterey County organizations & service providers. As we are all aware, national and state goals, regulations and deadlines are also driving this Committee’s effort.

This Committee’s effort critically needs your questions and recommendations on their path to crafting their adaptation reports, recommendations, and proposals. Our interactive session on Tuesday Sept 23rd at 5:PM is a great time for this exchange.  

Not surprisingly, Climate Change impacts and concerns touches nearly every aspect of Village and our City team efforts. Some possible topics to explore on the 23rd with our City Council Persons Jeff Baron and Carrie Theis could include:

  • Where are we in addressing our greenhouse gas metrics and reduction investments  - that touches transportation, affordable housing, mulching, care of our canopy, building materials, and more?
  • What new changes in building codes are expected to help minimizing consumption of fossil fuels and head us to a more electric centric approach?  
  • What investments are needed to help protect our Carmel City Beach from expected long-term sea-level rise?
  • How do we best prepare to be resilient from weather and Climate Change driven hazards and disasters?
  • How does all parts of waste management play a role here?
  • How do we as citizens contribute to this effort?
  • How should we and our Village prioritize these efforts over time, resources, and money?

This list is incomplete, long and will require long term efforts at all levels – personally, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.  These efforts are best when integrated into all planning and our daily lives.  

If you'd like to learn more of the Carmel Climate Committee work that began in September of 2019,  visit

Note: the YouTube recording of this session is shown above and is posted on our CRA YouTube Channel here.