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Celebrating the Power of Local Environmental Activist

"CRA Hosts - Humbled - How California's Monterey Bay Escaped Industrial Ruin"
with Authors Glenn Church & Kathryn McKenzie

Held Wednesday, February 22nd at the Carmel Woman's Club

Youtube Video Link HERE.


Authors Church and McKenzie will share the amazing story of how the Humble refinery proposed for Moss Landing was prevented as a result of the activist efforts by familiar area notables of the mid 1960's.  After the refinery's initial building permit approval by Monterey County officials, locals (including Ansel Adams, Samuel Morris, Bill Burleigh (former Judge & City Attorney of Carmel), Fred Farr and others) stepped up to help win one of the first major environmental battles of the modern era.  

Humble Oil (now known as Exxonmobil) was expanding in the 60's to meet increasing demands.  Their top choice for a new refinery location was "a quaint fishing village with a deepwater port at the midpoint of the Monterey Bay."  This book and the stories they will share "recounts of the many twists and turns that swamped the refinery project and eventually dismantled plans for a vast industrial complex."  

You can read the first chapter of their book at

Speaker & Author Bios:

Glenn Church and Kathryn McKenzie both grew up in the Monterey Bay area and have deep love and appreciation for the land and the environment.  Church, a farmer and businessman, has written extensively about politics and has been active in environmental and international human rights issues.  McKenzie, a Monterey Bay journalists and environmental writer, has been working for newspapers and magazines for more than 30 years.  Together, they have the ability to sift through local history while providing context with the larger issues that were affecting the nation at the point in American history.