CRA Hosts - My Grandfather, Sam Morse, with Charles Osborne

Thursday March 25th we heard from Charles Osborne who wrote “Boss:  S.F.B. Morse, Founder of Pebble Beach”.  Charles, a businessman and native son, will share stories about his grandfather – who by all accounts was a renaissance man – conservationist, athlete, artist, and entrepreneur.  His imagination never stopped sparking and he made things happen through force, charm, determination, teamwork, and grit.  Hear more on how Sam Morse saved the Monterey Peninsula and see some of the privately held and rarely seen photographs Osborne collected during his years of in-depth research for his book.

  • The YouTube Link to this great presentation is HERE.

Boss is the story of my grandfather, S.F.B. Morse, founder of Pebble Beach California, my personal hero and an icon of the good life in his time.  He was a classic big fish in a small pond, but a beautiful pond, and he made that pond even more desirable.  He dominated the Monterey Peninsula for fifty years and surprisingly, he was extremely well thought of by most everyone.  His vision of land conservation was the basis for the creation of one of the most attractive pieces of real estate in the world.” Charles Osborne

Images below: 1st the Book Cover, 2nd Charles Osborne - author, 3rd S.F.B. Morse in later years.