A Voice from the Past

This Month's Voice from the Past Pick - June 1988

Yes, the CRA has really been around a long time...going on 33 years! This Voice from the Past newsletter is from June 1988, just one year into the CRA's existence. While the graphic design left something to be desired (and we've certainly taken care of that!), the passion to solve issues facing the Village were front and center in this issue.

Please note on Page 2 the "We Salute" section that honors Jim Holliday and Howard Nieman. You can view Jim's obituary here. Also, note the "CRA Members Elected to Council" section. Two CRA members were elected to City Council at the same time, beating out Howard back when the CRA made recommendations! We are proud that CRA members continue to be leaders in our City government and strongly encourage you to do likewise.

About A Voice from the Past

The History Room at the Park Branch Library has many treasures from Carmel's illustrious past including copies of every CRA newsletter. Stacked together they are about a foot high! We have scanned them and will share them on this link. You can look at every Voice newsletter from 2010 to the present in our Voice Archives page.

The CRA has built quite a legacy and vast amount of content over the years as a result of the work of many, many smart and dedicated Carmelites. One thing you will notice is that "the more things change, the more things stay the same" in interesting ways.