Carmel Residents Association Website Overview

This system has been implemented and is being managed by CRA members and is a big effort.   And we appreciate your feedback and patience.

Here are some important points:

1. Each member now has a Member Profile. When we created your profile you were automatically assigned a unique User Name. It is usually your first name with a following number such as Mary1345. If you don't have your User Name you can find it by going to the Log In box at the top and clicking on the Log In button. Then, select RETRIEVE  USERNAME. If you have provided an email, you will receive a message with your User Name. If you didn't provide us an email, you can send it to us and we'll update your profile.

In order to Log in you will need that User Name along with a password. To set your password you will need to enter your User Name in the Log in area WITHOUT a password and then press the Log in button. You should then select RESET PASSWORD. You will then be prompted to enter your email and you will be sent an email telling you how to reset your password. Follow the instructions and then go back to the Home Page and enter your User Name and password. The Members Only menu will then appear. Over time, there will be more Members Only content.

2. Each member has an Individual Member Profile. Initially, this includes the following information:

For Individual Member Types:

- Name

- Mailing Address

- Physical Address - This will be used in the future for organizing activities in your area

- Email Address

- Age Range

- Biography

- Volunteering Options

All Family/Couple Member types have another level called Organization. This allows us to have one Key Contact for your Family that will receive notices and we mail printed pieces like the Voice newsletter to one address instead of every individual. You can maintain the Organization level separately from your Individual Member data. Individual Members within an Organization do not have to repeat the Organization level data.

3. We will be adding a lot more Help information along with recorded and live training sessions in the future. For now, just know that if you have any problems, you can email us at [email protected]. We are anxious to hear any problems so we can resolve them quickly.

4. We also want to hear your suggestions on how to make this system more useful. You can send your comments to [email protected]. Please be as detailed as you can.

Thanks so much for your patience and continued support!