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Wireless/Cell Tower Ordinance Draft - Special Meeting
Wednesday, March 29, 2023, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM PDT
Category: Carmel Civic Meetings

March 29th 4PM in City Hall - please join us!

At City Hall Chambers - be sure to join in this community input review session.

Visit the City Meetings page for access online.  https://ci.carmel.ca.us/meetings

The Documents to be reviewed include:

Federal and State laws are increasingly limiting local land-use discretion over wireless communications facilities. Under the Telecommunications Act, local governments retain their authority to regulate wireless facilities as long as the regulations: 1) Do not prohibit or “effectively prohibit” wireless communications facilities; 2) Do not unreasonably discriminate between communications service providers; or, 3) Do not regulate based on potential environmental impacts associated with radio frequency (RF) emissions.  The City is updating its Wireless Telecommunications Ordinance to create the strongest set of regulations that protect the unique character of the Village while remaining in compliance with applicable Federal and State Laws.  

Draft Wireless Ordinance Package for March 15th Planning Commission Workshop:

1 - Reader's Guide (START HERE)
2 -Draft Ordinance Amending Zoning Code Chapter 17.46 (March 2023 Workshop)
3 -Draft Wireless Application Form (March 2023 Workshop)
4 - Draft Wireless Application Checklist for Type I through IV Facilities (March 2023 Workshop)
5 - Draft Wireless Application Checklist for Type V Facilities (March 2023 Workshop)
6 - Draft Detailed Wireless Facility Design Guidelines (March 2023 Workshop)
7 - Draft Required Standard Conditions of Approval for Wireless Facilities (MARCH 2023 Workshop)