New Leadership in the Carmel Residents Association

CRA Welcomes Fred Bologna as President and gives our thanks to Barbara Livingston

As of July 6 2020, Vice President Fred Bologna is confirmed as the new President of the Carmel Residents Association, along with board member Daniel Cardenas as Vice President. Barbara Livingston, after serving as President of the CRA for 12 years, will continue her engagement as an active board member.

Over the years, Fred has proven his commitment to the restoration and preservation of historic homes and landmarks, both in Fresno and now in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Inspired by his work in the performing arts, Fred’s passion for preservation continues through his recording of actors’ living memoirs and retention of other critical memorabilia. Further preservation efforts are reflected in his showcase at the Cannery Row Antiques Mall in Monterey.  

Outgoing President Barbara Livingston offers her unconditional support of Fred who “will bring a new spirit and vitality to the role as President of the CRA, and will continue CRA’s engagement with the City’s council, boards and commissions, to help sustain the Carmel Village charm for residents and visitors alike, now and for years to come.” 

Barbara Livingston has become a noteworthy, and often-quoted leader in Carmel through her years as council member and CRA President. Fred acknowledges that “in my years in Carmel and on the Association Board, Barbara has taken on critical issues and enriched us all with civic and entertaining programs, building upon established social connections so important in our community and culture.

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