August 16 2021
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 Celebrating 34 Years of Community Service that Car Week is behind us... 
Please Join Us!  

This is happening Saturday Sept 11th from 5-9PM at the Indian Village in Pebble Beach.  The registration deadline is next Friday August 27th.

You will enjoy fellow CRA members and their guests for a great evening of food, beverage and more.  For details on eats, drinks and more, visit this page.  And confirm your spot by completing your information on the link shown below by August 27th.  

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Next CRA Carmel Beach Clean Up - August 21 Saturday 9-Noon.   And again thanks for the volunteers at our July Clean Up.  For more information click here

Next CRA at the Carmel Farmers Market Community Table - August 26 Thursday 10AM-2PM.   

Your CRA Board representatives spoke live on 3 items in the Tuesday
City Council Session: The Sunset Center North Lot RFP, Contractor Parking
Space Use in Residential Districts, and 7th & Dolores Community Room Demolition
Denial by Historic Resources Board.  Details shown here.

Monday (Special) & Tuesday (Regular) Council Meeting Highlights 

Monday August 2nd 4:30-5:15 PM
Link to Online Agenda, Link to Agenda Packet PDF and Link to YouTube Recording 

Tuesday August 3rd, 4:30 to 8:20 PM
Link to Online Agenda,  Link to Agenda Packet PDF and Link to YouTube Recording

Special Monday Session


C.Rerig – Extended thanks to Sergeant Watkins who took on the Acting Chief of Police while Chief Tomasi was on vacation.  And he said the City is ready for the upcoming Car Week and the Tuesday Concours on the Avenue orchestrated by the Freemans; our Village will be well patrolled. 
K.Ferlito – It was 50 years ago when Bill Doolittle met with Greg D’Ambrosio to talk about the purchase of his uncles 22 acres property –also supported by Barney Laiola as Mayor at the time, that ultimately became the Mission Trail Nature Preserve. She also mentioned the CarmelCares first year anniversary celebration and offered thanks to all who volunteer, plus kudos on the great work on the Carl Cherry grounds.  

Consent Items

Items 1,3, 5 & 6 were approved by unanimous vote.
Pulled Items 2, 4 & 7 by K.Ferlito for discussion and then were approved by unanimous vote. 

Item # 2 Monthly Reports for June

15 illegal fires are an issue, and the signs are back in place as needed.  Chief Paul – offered on average there are 50 illegal fires each year, so this is not yet excessive.  The Security Guards are patrolling, and their training has been refined. K.Ferlito – questions timing of patrol hours starting at 5pm, when our allowed fires begin at 4pm.  
Regarding Copper and Fecal contaminant increases – she asks what can be done?  Changes include minimizing copper roof & downspouts with new permits. (Design Guidelines need to be refreshed on this point).  We also must remind all residents and visitors to continue to pick up their pet waste. J.Baron share’s K.Ferlito’s concern on the Copper topic – and suggest that if Design Guideline Updates are delayed, that a Council ordinance might be helpful to formalize this. 

Item # 4 Resolution on agreement with the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau 

K.Ferlito – “some are asking” might we have too much tourism? Should we “take a pause” on this spending? And how often can this spending be revisited? 
C.Rerig – This funding is annual, and he described the downsides of withdrawing participation and the positive messages being delivered “Safe & Sustainable”.
J.Baron – Offers at some point “a lot is a lot”, needing consideration.
B.Richards – offers shifting these $’s to be considered for “management” of tourism.  

Item # 7 Receive the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Report

K.Ferlito – compliments this great report.   She asked if there are $’s to move ahead with the “Sea Level Rise” research report?
B.Harary –  $150k is required for this Research that was not proposed in this recent conservative budget cycle. However, this can be in the future.  He noted that this council’s past OK for the greenhouse gas study was funded with the agreement now signed and is about to begin.
J.Baron – He reinforced the budget unknowns tied to Covid triggered this caution in the Fiscal 2021/2022 plans.  
C.Theis – Of course the money is a concern, but staff time for oversight also needs to be considered. 

Tuesday's Regular Council Session

Public Announcements:

Mark McDonald, President Carmel Woods Neighborhood Association spoke. They thanked Carmel City Staff for removing the Father Serra Statue & Monument for safe keeping last year. He cites that S.F.B. Morse established Carmel Woods and that this monument ties Carmel Woods with Carmel-by-the-Sea. In their Association survey 74% wanted the statue returned, of those, 45% want the original returned, and 33% want a copy to be put in its place.  67% indicated they are willing to help pay for this effort. They are requesting a digital scan of the monument be completed as part of the preservation efforts.   

Item #1 Direction on a RFP for a public/private partnership for the north lot of Sunset Center.

Brandon Swanson, City Planning Director presented 

   Public Comments

Wanda Vollmer – sent letter detailing her concerns to be considered by council
Sue McCloud – there is a long history for this project, it is zoned for mixed use, and there are water rights issues to consider.  She sent Council 12 pages of feedback on those learnings and guidance.  
Tim Twomey – On behalf of the CRA Board, we do not support a RFP that includes commercial use but does support the need for net new parking.
Victoria Beech -  Recommends approaching this with expanded community input in advance of  considering an RFP.  Examples of this successful approach was the Farmers Market and the Beach Restrooms.  Focus should be on the process with public input.
Eric Dyar – great idea of 2 levels of parking, but other uses require careful study.  Suggest an ad hoc group and public hearings and possible hiring of architectural consultant in this process.

   Council Discussion

D.Potter – intention to test the waters on the interest.  He does support community input prior to the RFP.
J.Baron – He is excited about the possibility of more parking – to address the parking pressure today.  He strongly supports a community conversation as an initial step.  And also, please carefully prioritize this effort along side the other new project requests.  Our community has a big housing imbalance – not currently supporting workers living in town.  This may provide some new residents and address this pressure on the workforce.   Agrees with other speakers that any retail with this project is not wise.  He’d rank this as a high priority.

B.Richards – He supports an RFP, taking into considering all comments mentioned.
K.Ferlito – Does not support a RFP.  She believes this should be a part of a bigger picture effort for our village overall. She does not support an intensification of commercial spaces. 
C.Theis – Supports more parking. She flags that the architectural transition between the Sunset Center and the residential area of town will be critical.  It could include a small hotel – that could generate revenue; also with housing a good idea.  There is not yet enough consensus on what we want. She also is concerned about how this project is prioritized with the many other projects and believes it is simply too soon for an RFP.
C.Rerig – For your consideration – they will bring forward the full list of projects for review in the September Council for prioritization.
D.Potter – Suggest a design charrette, for an open public discussion. And he knows local firms that have this process, with a charrette program.   And he also suggest a possible subcommittee as well. 
K.Ferlito – recommends a combined view on this project with paid parking, and any other complementary items. 

Final Guidance - is to consider this project in an overall open item prioritization effort targeted for September City Council Meeting. 

Item #2 Regarding Proposed Residential Contractor Parking Program

Brandon Swanson, City Planning Director presented 

   Public Comments

Sue McCloud – Having just finished remodeling…the construction firms will simply pass on costs to the owner, which may not address the problem. 
Ken White – On behalf of CRA Board,  Ken offers that an ordinance exists with fees charged for parking spaces for our commercial districts.  Simply redress this ordinance for the residential district.  The unique residential factors of narrow streets, medians with trees, no sidewalks etc must  be considered.  Contractors are using public space for storage, materials, dumpsters, porta potties, trailers etc for extended periods – well beyond just the parking of vehicles, for extended periods.
Richard Kreitman – whether they have a permit to park of not, the construction materials and trucks are blocking vehicles.

  Council Discussion

B.Richards –  We must have a program to address this issue.
C.Theis –  The public is saying we must have elevated construction management….and struggles to understand how paying a fee will address this challenge.  She also needs to see this item be balanced against other projects.  Paid parking will bring in revenue. She would vote no, at this time.
J.Baron – In his neighborhood there are multiple home construction projects that truly prevents car flow and eliminates emergency vehicle access.  He suggests expansion of proposed topic to include – construction materials on his street, fenced in right of way, unshrouded porta potties.  This is a project for planning commission to initiate (possibly as an ad hoc group).
K.Ferlito – Problems with today’s projects are that the Contractor agrees to the rules, but they are generally not shared with the subcontractors.  This also takes a toll on roads and neighborhoods.  What about when projects stop?     
C.Theis – Supports passing this to planning commission and construction management issue.  Start with a subcommittee.
D.Potter – We should address the equity issue, as compared to the commercial district, safety issue on road blockage, and public right of way for public storage.  Whether this goes to the planning commission, or an ad hoc.  He recommends any $’s from fee’s should be applied to compliance.

Final Guidance: This project will be placed on the priority list for considerations.

Item #3 Consider Resolution confirming Local Emergency Authority.

Brandon Swanson, City Planning Director presented 

   Public Comments -

13 local wine tasting shops and restaurateurs spoke on extending the use of outdoor public and private spaces (speakers not listed here)

  Council Comments 

B.Pierik – Regarding prior comments, you cannot require mandatory mask in any public space (indoor or outdoor) supporting those with health issues preventing it.
C.Theis –  Address the resolution, separately from the other considerations. 
K.Ferlito –  She calls out the lack of clarity on public “noticing” on Wine Tasting or Restaurant extensions.  It’s like walking through a restaurant when you walk downtown.   We didn’t want wine bars in Carmel – they are retail for a reason.
B.Richards – We are jumping the gun; we should wait for the September Council meeting for this decision.
C.Theis –  She understand comments made by fellow Council members.  But with Delta concerns, her customers ask if there is outdoor dining because they will not eat inside.  We have been nimble and this has served us well.  Many other Towns in our area and beyond, have already extended their timelines. She supports Kim Stemlers’ recommendations for 3 outdoor private and 3 public space use for wine shops.  The Virus and its impacts are critical to recognize.
D.Potter –  He asks staff "Why are we here?"  B.Swanson replies – to reaffirm original resolution with local emergency taking into account the Virus mutation concerns.  Dave does not support the wine barrel partitions in public spaces, otherwise would support the K.Stemler & C.Theis proposal 3+3=6 spaces for wine tasting. He also supports the September Council meeting for the Restaurant Parklet decision.
K.Ferlito: She remains concerned about how this topic was noticed. And on the equity issue, how is it ok for all other businesses (not Restaurants or Wine Shops) to not to have an outdoor space option?
C.Theis: While some folks can’t get vaccinated (e.g. children) – being outside is where you need to be. We have to support safe places for folks.. 

Final Guidance: 
Dave recommends – OK on Wine Tasting in Outdoor private space. Agreed by 3 Council Members. Wine shops are NOT OK to have public space parklets at this time.
Parklets for Restaurants extension – to be decided at September City Council meeting.
Regarding rent for parklets – this is a Council decision, that will need agenda coverage in September.

Item #4 Appeal on the 7th & Dolores Community Room Demolition Denial by Historic Resources Board (HRB).

Brandon Swanson presented the relevant decision history and context for the HRB denial, citing the relevant City, State and National considerations.

  Public Comments:

Richard Janick (has lived here for 50 years) – This Community Room is not an afterthought, as built in 1971. Burde was also designated as a fellow of the AIA in 1977.  Everything integrates by design.  He stressed many points of recognition of this site multiple times over.   
Ian Martin (resident & former Carmel Planning Commissioner). Save this Community Room – exceptional architects of our Monterey Bay Area.   Community room is an essential part of the whole.  Ian cites the example of cropping of a great photo is a parallel to this requested demolition.     
Nancy Twomey - On behalf of the CRA Board, we also agree that the Bank and Community Room are unquestionably a combination, not to be seperated in future planning. We look to their continued recognition and consideration as historic buildings in all relevant registers over time in alignment with the upcoming 50 year point as of October 2022.  
Victoria Beech
 (resident & former Council Member).    Also sent in a joint letter with Ian Martin and Doug Schmitz .  She emphasized that the State eligibility requirements (trumps all other considerations) must be met with any change to this site. 
Mary Ann Schicketanz:  (resident, Past president AIA, Architect) – redesign of the Esperanza Carmel project could go forward retaining this room in architectural  harmony.
Thomas Hood – This project is controversial.  However this Community Room, he notes also has a physical connection with covered walkway.  Multiple aesthetic connections are clear.
Richard Barrett – (local resident and architect).  In 2001 he started working on preservation of this site.  There are many examples of great architecture in the first half of the 20th Century.  But with the Wells Fargo building and these 7th & Dolores buildings are the exceptional architecture of the second half of the 20th Century.   Burde is a fellow of AIA – there are only 2 from our area, but now also includes a third, our own Don Goodhue.
Lucinda Lloyd -  (native of Carmel & former secretary of Walter Burde), There is no question that the community room is a purposeful part of the whole.  
Don Goodhue – (50 year resident and architect).  Don supports keeping this building combination whole.  The AIA Organization has never endorsed such an building retention via their outreach. 

Council and Staff Discussion and Conclusion

B. Swanson – The decision taken last year, was tied to the Carmel Historic Register, as it didn’t qualify.  However, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) – stipulates this site has to be treated as a historic resource.
J.Baron – He recalls the January 2020 hearing.  State vs Local distinguishing factors – then vs now.  This Community Room reflects the intent to reach out to, with and for the Community with its added significance. This is a small pristine example of something rare. Special relationships like this are critical. Also he supports the deference to lower commissions with related expertise.  AIA has rarely taken a position (regarding historical value) – and they have here.  Therefore, he will vote to deny the appeal.
K.Ferlito – She will also deny the appeal, due to the professional and local love for this room.  
D.Potter – He asks if the demolition would be in concert with the State standards? Staff reply said "no".
C.Theis – This location has a long history and should be treated as a whole. Esperanza Carmel needs to learn and respect our history and community.  Therefore she will deny the appeal.
B.Richards – It is difficult to overturn lower commissions.  And we must respond to the expert and public comments.
D.Potter – Good oppty to send a message to the developer that not everything conceived will fly.  He suggest this building be incorporated into a new design and listen to the community.  

Final Guidance/Decision:  Unanimous Council Denial of the Appeal by the Applicant. 

---End of City Council Highlights---

Carmel has Heart! more time

If you haven’t made the rounds yet, the Leadership Carmel class project have 10 “Hearts of Carmel” on display about our Village. To own one of these place your bid HERE, by Aug 26th. The auction proceeds will go to scholarships through the Carmel Woman’s Club and the Carmel Chamber’s Leadership ProgramHere are most, but not all, of these hearts.

And For Car Lovers

It was a great week for amazing cars and visitors about town. The week wrapped up with the Concours d'Elegance - known as the premier event worldwide that showcases the very best.  A link to Sunday's awards show (almost 4 hours) can be found here
Thank you to everyone who planned well, personally and professionally - our citizens, visitors, businesses and for those who help keep us safe.  Here are just a few more prized possessions adorning the streets of Carmel from Wednesday through Friday...amazing.  (a.k.a. jewelry on wheels)

Wrap Up - Staying Well

It is so very outstanding to be seeing your smiles and more.  But please stay cautious, wear masks as appropriate and also respect that much of our youth has not yet been vaccinated. This darn Delta variant is so very contagious. 

 Your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome.   

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