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City Council Oct 6th Meeting Results

Full Advanced Agenda Documentation Set here  Full Video of Council Session here

Public Comments

* Missing face mask signs need replacements, (Chip response: there were 30 new signs purchased to replace those destroyed) 
* Move to update 2 hour parking to 3 hour parking to increase shopping/eating experience for visitors 
* Suggest closing Scenic for 2-3 hours a few days each week opening for walking, biking, skating unimpeded by cars. This is being done in other towns for the public enjoyment and for kids being home schooled
* Monterey County Film Commission (non-profit) is requesting need for ongoing funding by Carmel – which was $1750 in the prior fiscal year. 

Council Announcements

Barron: Next Climate Committee meets Oct 15th with presentations from Monterey County Fire, Carmel Forrester, & exploring how best to engage with motivated high school young adults in this topic. More information on this committee's efforts and meetings are available here.  

Reimers: Mutt Mitt dispenser (dog waste bags) community funding now totals $18,850 with sponsor dispenser labels applied, with 7 dispensers still left to be funded. Please visit the CRA managed GoFundMe for Mutt Mitt donations in any amount and online.

Order of Business Items

#1-#12: received no, nominal or uncontested comments. Approved

#13: Rules on Beach Use, with two edits a) now to allow umbrella use and b) to extend these rules until Feb 2nd 2021 City Council Meeting. Approved

#14: Verizon Wireless Small Cell Facilities/Agreement update that triggered concerns expressed by the public. City Attorney clarified that today’s update reflects process and possible future new cell/node locations.  This agreement update does not obligate the City to any node/cell installations.  The next steps will definitely include public reviews by planning commissions, regulations confirmations and city council prior to any possible final approvals, all of these next steps will provide for public comment with advance notice provided. Approved 

#15: North Dunes Habitat Restoration Project Presentation – Years 2 & 3. 


City staff presented their report on this ongoing investment to bring the Dunes increasingly closer to its original native state.  Public Comments include items of sand erosion, tree removal scope and proposed 4th Avenue boardwalk. Jan Reimers provided added historical insights, reinforced her long term commitment and requested ongoing support from our Village and Citizens.                    

                                         (these 4 slides are a subset of the presented report)

#16: Approval of Applications for Grant Funds

Various projects proposed but were not recommended as presented with pro/con considerations.  Mission Trail Nature Preserve (MTNP) Rio road entry area needing drainage and North Dunes Boardwalk Extension were explored. Open comments provided by many, with findings and Council concluding with approval of the MTNP project with these Grant funds. 

#17: Unaudited Q1 Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Budget Update

City Staff presentation.  Various council comments and there were no urgent concerns at this time on plan vs actual to date.  Mayor suggested Ad Hoc committee be formed with staff, business & citizens.

#18: Public  Appeal Forrest & Beach Commission Decision

Appeal (Stepanek) on penalty & decisions made by Forest & Beach Commission. This included presentations and exchanges with city staff, council, public, appellate & their counsel.   After 1.5 hours, adjusted fines and next actions decisions were made and approved.

End of City Council 9:30 PM  

CRA Carmel Beach Cleanup - Saturday October 17th Reminder

October 17th  Saturday, at 9:30 AM – Join Daniel at Del Mar Park, bottom of Ocean Avenue, bringing your gloves, sunscreen and masks.  Everyone is welcome.  All other materials and instructions will be provided as folks gather.  For more information click here

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And please - wear masks, wash hands and social distance.
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