Village Voices Extras

Each issue of The Voice, Tom Parks interviews interesting characters in the Village to give you a feel for their personality, their accomplishments and most importantly, their love of our "Village in the Forest". They can be anyone, from any background... business people, actors or just people trying to make a difference in the lives of our fellow Carmelites. To make it easier for each of you to get to know these characters we are including links to some of Tom's past interviews right here.

When you have a few minutes, click on a couple of them and you'll enjoy how Tom uses his writing experience in Hollywood, his continuing work writing plays right here in the Village and his ability to ask the right questions. We will be adding more over time so come back and get introduced to more of your neighbors. 

If you're tempted to see what else was happening that month, just go to the Voice Archives and check it out!

Maria Sutherland - September 2017

Fermin Sanchez - March 2014

Ann and Bob Nelson - September 2012 

Richard Flower - A senior who thinks young - March 2010 (Tribute to Richard)

Other Sources of Interviews

Another great source of information about Carmel and important characters from its past can be found on the Harrison Library's Vimeo page. They have been recording videos of interviews of many people and putting them up for all to see. They recently shared a link to the interview with Sam Farr in the Friday Letter. You should check out this part of the interview where he talks about Old Carmel when you have a chance. We will be reviewing all the other interviews they have and work with Katie to give you easy access to it.