The Voice Extras

Each issue of The Voice, we have columns dedicated to particular subjects and written by our dedicated staff. The Editorial Committee decides on the front page and various contributors submit content for each of the other pages. The space is limited and it is always a tough decision on what to include and what not to include.

The good thing is that, with the Village Engagement System, we can include as much content as we like! So, what we are going to experiment with, is giving each of our column writers a chance to expand on their content in this Voice Extras part of the website. It may be updated every other month with the next newsletter release, or even more often as they see fit. So, check back to see what they have up their sleeve.

Front Page Extra (Coming Soon)

President's Musings Extra

Out and About/Carmel Cruising Extra

Old Carmel Extra

CityScape Extra (Coming Soon)

CRA Stuff Extra (Coming Soon)

Cheers & Chides Extra (Coming Soon)