News You Can Use - November 8, 2021

In Case You Missed Them…and thanks to those who made these so enjoyable! 

  •  Arbor Day Celebration Oct 23rd that included a tree dedication in honor of Barbara Livingston - view pictures here.
  • 105th Anniversary & Halloween Parade Oct 31 - great fun had by all and thanks to everyone who participated - view pictures here.
  • Thanks for the great programs & performances at our Carmel Bach Festival from Oct 23-Nov5.  Next year's program is July 16-30 2022.

Coming Up Soon…Enjoy your life in Carmel by attending these great activities

Don't miss Tuesday November 9th - CRA Hosting – Will Bullas at 5PM in Carpenter Hall at Sunset Center.  Details are available HERE

Thursday November 11th at 11AM Veterans Day Remembrance, at our WWI Memorial Arch located at San Carlos & Ocean for it's Centennial/100 year Celebration.

Only 30 spots remain - act now! Friday December 3rd is CRA’s Annual Holiday Gala at La Playa. Details and registration information available here.  This will be a sell out!

 Council Meetings - November Key Decisions

  • Mid-Year budget update with approval vote 5-0
  • Stillwell encroachment for underground grease interceptor, decision pushed to December City Council Meeting
  • Council agreed to revisit the topic of ending the temporary outdoor seating program to the January Council Meeting
  • WWI Arch Plaque Appeal approved, (meaning the Council does not approve a new plaque on the Arch) with a 4 to 1 vote
  • Plus, highlights also included here from the Council Oct 12th Retreat, with priority lists images and wrap up items expressed by council as of this date and the video link are shown at the end of this email.  

Sausage anyone?   As usual these writeups capture the gist of what was discussed and is not word-for-word.  Please view the video recordings for exact quotes.  Read on, or not, for expanded coverage on these topics, with public & council comments/discussions.   We believe these days this is commonly referred to as “sausage making” and/or our “tax $’s at work”.  Thanks to those citizens who listen in live and participate.   A good many of us look forward to these being held in person soon.    

City Council Meeting –  Special Meeting – Monday Nov 1, 2021   
Youtube Video here  -  PDF Agenda Packet here 

Public Comments:

Michael McWalters – “Houston we have a problem” His items:  In March there was a street barricade on Scenic that was not movable.  Another topic was the ask for & a survey on periodic closures of Scenic for kids to ride bikes.  Then on Cell Towers in residential areas – why did City recommended  approval?  He asserts that the reason for these items may tie back to the new city attorney. 

Council Comments:

C.Rerig – Announced the arrest of suspect in recent area break in and thefts.

Consent Agenda  Items #1-9 – Approved by 5-0 vote

K.Ferlito – raised question on #9 -  Chip updated the Council on his approach on hiring.   He mentioned that community wanted participation in key hires inside the scope of this effort.  He has engaged CERT leaders, the Police Officers Association and another police chief in the peninsula. 

 City Council Meeting – Regular Meeting – Tuesday Nov 2, 2021
 YouTube Video here - (first of two videos).  PDF Agenda Packet here

Special recognition by Carmel-by-the-Sea:

Tina Swithin – of Family Court Awareness Month team spoke about the efforts of the family courts & Mayor Potter read the Village Proclamation.  For more information visit

Public Announcements:

Nancy Twomey – On behalf of CRA Board, we offer our utmost thanks to city staff for the Arbor Day and Halloween/Anniversary Parade events.  Plus please join CRA Tuesday Nov 9 at 5PM Carpenter Hall in Sunset Center for our program with local artist Will Bullas.

Beth Bowman – Sunset Center update on budget, spending, programs, and facilities efforts underway.  Be sure to check out their calendar of events at – including Nutcracker.  Beth also announced new board members as well.

Eloise  Shimm – Expressed concerned about Carmel Unified School District regarding new lights and discrimination items.

Richard Kreitman – announced the Veterans Day celebrations Nov 11 at 11 AM on Ocean Avenue and San Carlos.

Michael McWalters – Asks how the Carmel Cell Tower working group will be involved in the rewrite of ordinances.

Kristi Hollenbeck – if updating the wireless code is high priority…recommend attorney Andrew Campanella be hired to help this effort.  Recommend various web sites as source for leveraging code rewrite.  Visit for this and additional information.

Anthony Carnazzo – Concerned about the increases in crime in recent month.  2 robberies at his business, several at the Plaza, graffiti in town, and the bank robbery a week plus ago. 

Council Announcements:

C.Rerig – withdraw of Item #7 from agenda.   If the Council would like to move this topic (process etc of “surplus property” into a generalize policy), this project could be prioritized.  The suspect in the graffiti incidents has been apprehended in Napa – in less than 1 week.

K.Ferlito – Thanks to all who participating in making Arbor Day celebration & tree dedication for Barbara Livingston.  Also, she offers thanks on the Downtown clean up.

B.Richards – a Carmel Freshman won the National Mission Trail Cross Country

D.Potter – Parade was a great success all around, with Thanks

J.Baron – Climate Adaptation strategy report out in next meeting Nov 18th at 3:30 – looking for more public input.

Consent Calendar: 

#1 & #2 Items – with 5-0 approval vote

These included the topics of Solid Waste & Materials Recovery and Update to Carmel Code related to signs (largely due to freedom of speech refinements)

Orders of Business :

#3 Mid-Year Budget Updates  

C.Rerig with the fiscal conservatism already in place and the good news on the income front, there will be incremental asks for staffing to support project priorities coming at the Dec Council meeting.  Presented by S.Friedricksen
Budget and Updates Approved 5-0

New/Second Meeting YouTube Recording  (length 3 hours 45 min)

# 4 Encroachment Permit (Stillwell) east side of San Carlos near corner of 5th Avenue for underground grease interceptor for Restaurant build out underway.

In summary of the expanded discussions live: many concerns were expressed about precedence if approved.

Decision was to continue this item to the December Council with additional research compiled and possible alternatives explored.  J.Baron will represent Council and work with our Planning, Public Works, County Health and CAWD as appropropriate between now and December Council.

#5 Revisit Temporary Parklet Removal Date

B.Swanson provided a brief update presentation.  Masking Ordinance update provided.  Countywide masking indoors will go into effect Friday Nov 5th.  Once it begins – it will last for 30 days and shortened only if the Board of Supervisors can choose to cancel a portion of the 30-day period.  Note:  Masking is not required in private spaces and/or when everyone in public indoor space has shown proof of vaccination.

Public Comments

Parker Logan – Given City leadership’s responsibility of safety & protection – he asserts that outdoor dining and drinking is here to stay.   And that the space rental fee should be waived given this new mask mandate. 

Tim Twomey – Speaking on behalf of CRA Board – our position remains supporting removal of the Public space parklet, however we do support private space use should continue.  We understand you may continue the temporary program, but if so, we recommend you establish clear criteria for ending the program would advance better planning and expectations, with unforeseen items requiring course collection.

Jack Galente – Recommends full separation of wine tasting rooms use of private space from the  programs and considerations for restaurants in this policy and program evaluation in the upcoming months. When can we start this effort?

David Fink – Everyone is in a tough spot.  More than 50% of their customers are asking for outdoor seating.  Guests still don’t want to eat inside.  This makes restaurants in the roles of police.  We need outdoor seating and a permanent program.  He cites good experience in parklets in San Francisco recently. 

Cindy Lloyd – To be on the record – the Parklets interrupts the architectural ethic of Carmel, reinforcing that  parklets should be removed.  A recent experience in town made her feel as an intruder while walking on the sidewalk. 

Richard Kreitman – Pushing drunks onto the streets does not add to the ambiance of the town.  He asks that this program be calibrated.   He has had to call Carmel Police to get drinking customers away from his business.

Ken Spilfogel – This continues to be a painful discussion.  In his inquiries, he has had mixed responses, but the majority support keeping the outdoor dining. This is not a higher volume shopping strategy.  He agrees with Tim that an exit strategy is needed. We should find an approach that eases out of the current program, and we do care about the locals. 

Anthony Carnazzo – Agrees with restaurants and residents in that they could be improved and anticipates a future program.  We do have guests that are angry about not having an outdoor seat available.  Some parklets could use improvements – but could only economically be supported with a more permanent program and/or better planning considerations.

Bashar Sneeh – They have daily struggles with customers who insists on outside seating.  The uncertainty adds to the frustrations.  Facts – we are getting into slow time of year.   He suggests that the 90 day temporary program clock should be reset because of these new mask restrictions.

Sue McCloud – She asks what is the outside date of the restrictions?  We must consider the Christmas shopping season and the weather changes.  Both effect the retail/shop keepers and the challenges of parking.

Dale Byrne – Tied to parklets, a part of the solution can include getting inside air quality high.  Carmel Cares has partnered with Air-by-Design to certify air quality in pilot of 3 restaurants on board, via free grants. 

Council Discussion

B.Swanson - Offers that there is no outside date of the Mask mandate – it goes for 30 days by default.  And other guidelines  - will be shared to anyone subscribed to Outdoor Dining topic on City Website.

K.Ferlito – She was hoping this was the month to say “good-bye” to the parklets.  In her experience on less weather positive days, she sees the restaurants full inside.  This has gone on far longer than anyone has expected.  Many restaurants are not ADA compliant, with correct spacing etc.   In NYC restaurants require vaccinations to serve.   In San Francisco, she has seen many visually plus questionable parklet setups, but they required proof of vaccination.   If with a future surge and/or seating capacity is restricted or eliminated in the future, she would support parklet replacements.

D.Potter – He believes there is no question on the private space use for Wine Shops.  C.Rerig – Offers that this topic to address Wine Shops designations has not been put on the project priority list yet.   K.Ferlito emphasizes that this is topic will require staff efforts and is complicated as our Wine Shops are classified as retail.  C.Rerig mentions that there was very little public participation at the Oct 12th retreat.  D.Potter reinforces the frustration of nominal public participation on Oct 12th, while there are rumblings of needing a “town hall”.  

J.Baron – Echoes Karen’s view with one exception.  This mask mandate is a political decision (County Supervisors) not based on health.

B.Richards – Believes it is worth while monthly discussion. Recommends revisiting in 30 days.

C.Theis – Understand frustrations tied to COVID, restaurants, residents & all businesses.  We are all tired.  Safety is of utmost importance.  We need to extend the temporary program because we have not moved on a permanent option.  Of course, she remains OK with private space use.  And she will vote to extend the timeline.

D.Potter – This is like having a GPS that is not getting us to a destination.  He’d also support 30 days but could agree to defer to Chips authority.  He does support Karen’s item on ADA compliance.    

C.Rerig  – Will move ahead to reinforce ADA compliance along with the insurance and fee requirements.  He suggests that you could suggest a conditional extension if the mask mandate is still in place to extent another 30 days to mid-January.

K.Ferlito – She is serious about this ADA compliance, from ramps, to table height and spacing.  In addition, she is weather worthiness on wind and rain safety – example for the use of heaters and umbrellas etc.

J.Baron – After other discussion items on mask mandate, Jeff suggest that this discussion is harming the community.  He suggests this item be pushed to the January City Council meeting.

C.Theis – She also supports extension to January 20th, due to the polarization of this topic.  She notes that retail is generally strong in the summer and concours week. 

Motion approved to push this decision to January City Council for discussion on the next potential removal date for temporary parklets.  Approved with a 5 to 0 vote tally. 

#6 Item – Appeal on proposed WWI Memorial Plaque

Presented by Marnie Waffle of City Planning. Our Arch was designed by Charles Sumner Green and completed in 1922.  Any change requires review by Historic Resources Board prior to approval.  An appeal for the approved plaque was submitted by former Mayors Sue McCloud  & Ken White, and stone mason Brian McEldowney, and Mike Brown contesting this plaque approval by the HRB.. 

Public Comments

Sue McCloud – Speaking on behalf of other former Mayors and others, notes the bell is inscribed with “ honor of those who served”.  She mentions that there was a plaque inclusive of non-combatants to be presented in other locations.

Ian Martin – Shows image of “To those who served” on memorial diagram by Sumner Green and in Pine Cone.  The later covered the proposed separate plaque also called out Military and Auxiliary Service listing.  This was all-inclusive reinforcement of the community and designer.   Ian argues in support of refusing the denial. 

Richard Kreitman – Shows image of front page of Pine Cone in 1921.  In reference to the lost plaque in City Hall, it contained all 61 names. The actual plaque included all citizens in alpha listing.   Arguing inclusivity.    He mentions that the appeal indicated that many of the non-military included were “home-bodies”, which is not accurate reflection of their efforts and deployment.   We should honor ALL that served in this effort, as was reflected in images from the times.

E. Kreitman – She argues that sacrifice is sacrifice and eliminating based on service v. nonmilitary is non-inclusive and divisive.

Linda L Smith – The most terrible death is when we are forgotten.  Argues that this appeal should not be approved.  Sumner-Green’s own hand written list was all inclusive and intended they all be honored.  Recommends refer it back to HRB for plaque simplification.

Brain Andrus –  Supports the appeal.  Conjecture is reflected in the proposed plaque.  When someone asks, “where did you serve?” the inference is explicitly military with its corresponding oath and commitments. 

Gary Paratore – Gary is the Commander for local post American Legion, that is withdrawing its recommendation to support the plaque.  Personally, he supports the plaque proposed, possibly with some refinements.

Ken White – Speaks on behalf of CRA Board & the appeal applicants: they support leaving the arch alone.  If there is value in the plaque, please place it in Devendorf park.   The Memorial location is not a gathering place and appropriate for the plaque.  The Arch is valued with its simplicity – honoring those who served.

Cindy Lloyd – Has loved our Arch her whole life.  She calls out others who have supported its history and ongoing maintenance.  Our community is divided on this issue.   We believe there should be NO plaque placed on the arch is the correct next step.  Future considerations for placement of a place should be separate future consideration.

Mike Brown – Remember with the original design, there was no plaque applied.  The plaque was to be placed in City Hall.  The proposed new plaque is too huge and needs fixes.  There should be NO plaque.  

Brian McEldowney - My family has been involved in this Arch for 100 years.  During the 1977 restoration a time capsule was uncovered.  In it was 2 articles from the Pine Cone with list of WW1 veterans.  When it was re-dedicated, two articles again were places 1977 article and the one that included with city proclamation.  This is not a time to add more plaques.

City Council

B.Richards – recommends supporting separating the topics - the content of the plaque itself and where it is placed.  His general preference is to support lower commissions and boards.  However now that the American Legion post no longer supports the placement of this plaque at the Arch – in part because this is not a good location for contemplation and reading of the plaque.   And moves that the placement of a plaque be separately planned. 

C.Theis – as Bobby mentioned, the plaque and its placement are separate. She supports NO plaque on the memorial.  Separately recommends a plaque be planned for Devendorf via all the correct processes.

K.Ferlito – Thanks to those who’ve involved in restorations.  She is sad that this topic has become divisive.  Memorials generically are commonly designed to be touched for closeness to those being honored.   She agrees that the proposed plaque should be reworked and considered for Devendorf.  She also agrees that the divisiveness is exacerbated because people can’t easily gather in person to align to explore issues and alternatives.   She also notes that with the images provided the list of names was all inclusive.

J.Baron – Agrees there are two issues here.   It is not good to put words in the mouth of those who are no longer available.   The 10 Secretary of the Interior standards that were used are applicable to a building, where standards tied to a piece of art may be more appropriate.  He believes that the two plaques on the Arch now should also be removed.  He is also concerned that Devendorf becomes a park of memorials. A possibility is the final plaque could be placed on one of the buildings on the corner of this Ocean and San Carlos. 

Motion to grant the appeal (resulting in no new plaque be placed on the WW1 Arch) approved with a 4 to 1 vote.

City Council Prioritization Retreat – Tuesday Oct 12, 2021
YouTube Video here 

Over the course of the 9 AM to nearly 3PM retreat, a listing of 50 items (as prepared by City Staff), with their #1 ranked items were reviewed in this retreat, including an opening discussions on hiring and staffing needed to take action on many of these items.

Below is a screen capture of the #1 ranked items reviewed +, and what was captured from the concluding discussion on what the Council has as additional top of mind priorities, based on their observations and citizen and business inputs.  

Next Steps: C.Rerig & Staff will circle back with a supplemental staffing plan at December’s City Council Meeting and then review an updated and inclusive project listing based on today’s discussions in January.  

Note: Very few citizens attended in person and/or called or listened in during this open to the public session expressing their views.    

excuse duplicate item #22

 Your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome.   
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