April 9 2022

 Celebrating 35 Years of Community Service

Events Just Past & Coming Up, plus April City Council Meetings Highlights

CRA had a great program on “Future of Architecture in Carmel” on March 24 at Sunset Center.  In case you missed it here is the YouTube Video Link, and here is the Link to PDF of slides from the presentation.  Brandon hit all of the timely and right notes - Get Involved!  

first two images from March 24 program, the third image is from April 4 joint Chamber/CRA Dinner

Your CRA Board Members also dined with Carmel Chamber Board Members April 4. This exchange strengthens resident and business relationships and opportunities to work collaboratively throughout and for Carmel.

CRA members also enjoyed a great restart to CRA’s No Host Gatherings April 6 at Vesuvio’s.  Over 40 members made new and deepened existing relationships.  And of course, enjoyed a beverage and a nosh or two.  Good times had by all.      

And if you missed the March/April issue of the Voice, you can find it here.   And be sure to visit www.carmelresidents.org/trees for the full article (we ran out of page space).  

Coming Up About Town - Other coming area events include Big Sur Marathon Sunday April 24, Carmel Library Foundation’s "The Futurist Edition" on April 27, much more from our Monterey Symphony, Sunset Center, the Forest Theater and the list goes on.  Check their webpages for details.  And...

  • Join us at the next CRA Carmel Beach Clean Up on Saturday April 16 9:30-Noon
  • Join us at the next community table hosted by CRA at Carmel Farmers Market on Thursday April 28 10AM-2PM
  • Don't miss the Student Government Day April 21 at 6:30 PM where the Carmel High Students will take the roles of Carmel City Council and Department Leaders hosting a "Mock" City Council addressing budget requests.  Thanks to CRA Board Members who are helping orchestrate this great opportunity with City Staff. 

CARMEL EATERIES - We've created and will keep current a complete listing of ALL, yes there are SIXTY FOUR Carmel-by-the-Sea Eateries, with locations, web sites, phone numbers, and if they have Indoor, Outdoor Private (courtyards, patios, plus) or Pubic (parklets until April 20th) seating options.  Here is a PDF of the latest list.  This list also shows where businesses extend current CRA members an offer or discount as part of our VIP program.  This will be kept current on our webpage at www.carmelresidents.org/eateries and we welcome your updates.

Carmel's City Council Highlights - April 5th 4:30 to 8:30 PM
           Council Agenda packet PDF here  and the YouTube Video here


NOTE:  If you haven't already Signed Up for the City Weekly Friday Letter, and notices on Council, Board & Commission Meetings and other hot topics - please click here to make sure you are connected up with the latest. 

Public Comments:

  • Many people spoke, and is supported by many local residents organizations, on the upcoming revision of the Wireless Ordinance to assure community voices are heard and addressed tied to the placement of Cell Towers in Residential Zones.  (those who spoke include: Tasha Witt, Nancy Twomey, Christi Hollenbeck, Jean McWalters, and Michael McWalters) 
  • Carleen Whittelsey spoke on the RHNA requirement for Carmel to build out over 300 new dwelling units. 
  • Helen Rothwell - on behalf of the 27th Carmel Art Festival is looking for donations, volunteers, restaurants, wine.  Event date - May 13th.
  • CRA Board representation stresses it is essential to make sure our current  Timeshare Ordinance also prevents the Pacaso partial home ownership model from sneaking in the back door of Carmel. 
  • Michael La Pier - Update on Monterey Airport, advanced bookings look positive, new routes expected to reconvene and Woody's restaurant is doing great.
  • Richard Kreitman recommending a Downtown No-Smoking Program be considered.
  • Janice Bradner added to Richard's comments as the Keep America Beautiful efforts & Carmel Cares PickUp Posse works to address stopping cigarette waste and the harm to the ocean & pets as well.
  • Other topics included Cost of Carpenter Hall Rental, Tour Bus & Trucks idling, and Deliveries & Garbage Trucks on Fridays.

Council Announcements:

  • Chip Rerig announces new hire addition to the finance department
  • Jeff Baron announces the review draft of Climate Adaptation Plan on April 21, and will be hosting two public sessions for the construction community on April 26 & 28 reviewing new recommendations for building Green.
  • Bobby Richards mentioned of meetings with Jimmy Panetta in Washington DC with regard to the poor condition of  the 93921 Carmel Post Office. Dave Potter also reinforced the League of Cities meetings.
  • Karen Ferlito - Thanks Brandon for last weeks CRA presentation, and also recommends AMBAG presentation recording on this development of the RHNA allocations. She also thanks the CHS and Rotary volunteers who contributed to the Mission Trail Nature Preserve efforts this past weekend.

Junipero & 7th New Stop Signs/Crosswalk

  • Chief Uhler presented this proposal.  Approved unanimously.

Carmel & Car Week Update

  • Ashlee Wright Provided the history of our Village events. This past fall passing of Mr Freedman has caused revisiting their traditional event. The Tuesday Concours on the Avenue is not yet confirmed, although the permit is in.  The Prancing Ponies event is being planned for Thursday.  We know the Pebble Beach Tour D'Elegance Thursday event is not stopping in Carmel once again. She recommends a survey to compile business and resident input for future planning.  
  • Public & City Council input extends sympathy and understanding to Mrs Freedman in this time. Cindy Lloyd reinforces care be taken on the Medians and Memorial Arch for any of these large events. Concern on potential decrease in tourism on the possible loss of the two key events and the revenue it brings. 

Report on Temporary Parklets, Requesting Guidance

  • Brandon Swanson - provided summary of January Council findings and recommendation on removal date of April 20th, along with current update on COVID-19 conditions. He notes that Permanent Parket project is not on the top 16 priority items roster.
  • Public comments: Many were made to keep the Temporary Parklets and to remove Temporary Parklets well addressed in the video and in the pre-submitted comments on the record. 
  • Council comments:  Covid has changed the restaurant business; we must be fair to all businesses in town;
    Mayor Potter made an ancillary motion that the Planning Department come back to May Council with process and impacts to consider moving forward with a future program and everything that might mean.  Approved unanimously.
  • Council majority agreed to maintain the April 20th End Date of Temporary Parklets 

City Council Nominations to Design Traditions Steering Committee

These new appointees will be heavily engaged on the proposed updates to Commercial & Residential Guidelines with the City Planning Staff, the contracted WinterAndCompany team and City Planning Commission. 

APPOINTEE                  Nominated By              Background Note
  Melanie Billig                  Carrie Theis                former planning commission
  Don Goodhue                 Jeff Baron                   architect
  Victoria Beach                 Karen Ferlito              architect
  Doug Schmitz                  Bobby Richards         former City admin, historian
  MaryAnn Schicketanz     Mayor Potter              architect

Encroachment Permit North Side of 8th Avenue between Junipero & Mission

Council Declined Encroachment Permit vote 3-2. 

NOTE: The next fiscal year (FY 22/23) budget updates are targeted to be summarized at the the May City Council meeting and an expanded full budget review is planned for a workshop in mid-May, yet to be scheduled. 

 Cheers!    Your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome.   

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