Making the Best of Shelter in Place

Last night we finally broke down and jumped on the Zoom Happy Hour bandwagon. If you don't know what this is it is pretty simple. Zoom is a popular video conferencing company that is being used to hold small and large online meetings. You sign up for a free Zoom account at, schedule an online video meeting, and send a copy of the invite to your friends. If you have fewer than 3 people you can drink as long as you want with the free account. However, if you invite more than 3 you will have a 3/4 Happy Hour limit/meeting. To hold larger gatherings with no limits it is $15/month. Here is what the screen looks's really easy!

When the time comes, you click on the link they send you and your friends use the information you sent them to do the same. It logs you into the meeting and you can all see each other like the picture below!

We finished our Happy Hour by going to the upstairs deck and turning our Macbook's screen to show the sunset to our Happy Hour partners. Then, Roger sang one of his songs played to guitar, and then Roger and Sandy got a To-Go order from Vesuvio. And, what a dinner it was! They had a romantic fireside dinner and shared the pictures with all of us. Who said that Shelter in Place meant you can't have a good time? We'll be sharing Roger's very appropriate song, which he played at his Cherry Center concert last year, with you on this website very soon.