CRA Social Activities

Throughout the year CRA members get together socially at fun events that give them a chance to meet new friends and reconnect with those you haven't seen in a while. It also gives part-time residents a chance to get better engaged with the community. Our events include:

  • Happy Hours - No-host informal gatherings a favorite local hangouts
  • Dines Out! - Planned prepaid dinner outings at a local restaurant
  • Annual Meeting - Large gathering that includes a home-cooked pasta feed 
  • Feast in the Forest - Outside gathering with bar, buffet meal and silent auction fund-raiser
  • Holiday Gala at La Playa Hotel - Festive occasion at the La Playa Carmel
  • Educational Programs - Lectures by a single presenter of panel on a subject of general interest
  • Candidate Forums - Bi-Annual Panel discussion that includes all candidates running for Village public office 
  • Citizen of the Year Award  A large Bi-Annual gathering honoring a worthy citizen that includes food and drinks after presentation

While the CRA is not generally considered to be a social organization per se, you can see that have many options for getting out and meeting new people, having discussions about topics of interest and making life-long friends. The options have expanded based on member interest and the ability of volunteers to put on the events. So, it is really up to you as a member to get involved and make things happen for YOUR Carmel Residents Association!